Adorky Niblerzz Shark Tank India Episode Review

Adorky Niblerzz Shark Tank India Episode Review

Website Information:

  • Website:- Adorky Niblerzz
  • Build on E-commerce Shopify
  • SEO Improvement Needed
  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC:- 96 organic visitors per month

Adorky Niblerzz Shark Tank India Episode

Adorky Niblerzz Founders:

  • Sandhya Seshadri and Aashnee Gajaria are the founders of Adorky Niblerzz.
  • Aashnee, originally aiming for the FMCG industry, found herself diverted into the realm of advertising. Partnering with Sandhya, they ventured into advertising, working on prestigious brands like Lipton and Walls, refining their expertise.
  • Sandhya’s rich background in advertising and culinary mastery from Le Cordon Bleu Paris set the stage for their sweet venture. Thus, Niblerzz emerged – a guilt-free candy crafted from real fruit, free of added sugars, preservatives, gelatin, and gluten. Their shared commitment to authenticity and health led them to redefine the candy experience.
  • With joy as their main ingredient, Aashnee and Sandhya invite you to join their journey of reinventing sweetness, free from guilt trips.


  • Adorky Niblerzz is a confectionery brand that offers natural, healthy, and sugar-free candies and gummies.
  • Founders Sandhya Seshadri and Aashnee Gajaria appeared on Shark Tank India Season 3, Episode 34.
  • They sought ₹50 lakhs for 3% equity but secured a deal of ₹10 lakhs for 5% equity + ₹40 lakhs @10% for 2 years from Aman Gupta.
  • The company is currently valued at ₹2 crores.

Key Points:

  • Adorky Niblerzz uses natural fruit extracts and sweeteners to create candies that are 85% less sugar than regular candies.
  • They offer a variety of flavors, including mango, orange, and blueberry.
  • The company is targeting health-conscious consumers who are looking for a healthier alternative to traditional candies.


  • The confectionery market is highly competitive, with established players and new entrants.
  • Building brand awareness and establishing Adorky Niblerzz as a trusted choice can be challenging.
  • Maintaining affordability while using natural ingredients can be difficult in a cost-sensitive market.


  • Adorky Niblerzz can focus on product innovation and differentiation to stand out from the competition.
  • They can build strategic partnerships with influencers, retailers, and other brands to expand their reach and credibility.
  • The company can leverage data analytics to optimize its marketing and distribution strategies.

Shark Tank India Judges’ Comments:

  • Shark Peyush Bansal appreciated the founders’ passion but felt that the market was too competitive.
  • Shark Vineeta Singh liked the product but was concerned about the price point.
  • Shark Anupam Mittal was impressed by the founders’ business acumen but felt that the valuation was too high.
  • Shark Aman Gupta was impressed by the product and the founders’ vision and offered them a deal.

Reasons for Deal:

  • Aman Gupta was impressed by the product and the founders’ vision.
  • He believed that the company had the potential to be a leader in the healthy confectionery market.
  • He was willing to invest in the company and help it grow.

Adorky Niblerzz Shark Tank Review Website Data

Adorky Niblerzz Shark Tank Review Website Data

Website (Shopify platform)
Organic Traffic96 visitors per month
FoundersSandhya Seshadri (Advertising & Culinary) & Aashnee Gajaria (Advertising & FMCG)
Market Potential (India)₹4,000 crore (USD 5.03 billion) by 2025 (Mordor Intelligence)
TAM (India)₹80 crore (USD 100.6 million)
Target AudienceHealth-conscious consumers (18-40), urban
Content MarketingSocial media (product benefits), influencer collaborations, healthy recipe integration
Digital MarketingSEO, influencer marketing, targeted social media ads, content marketing
Distribution StrategyD2C platform, health food stores, premium gifting partnerships
AdvantagesUnique selling proposition (healthy indulgence), strong founders, investor backing
ChallengesLow brand awareness, limited online presence, pricing strategy
Success FactorsFirst-mover advantage, data-driven marketing, strategic partnerships
Mitigation StrategiesProduct innovation, omnichannel marketing, transparency & education
Future BusinessExpand product portfolio, strengthen distribution network, invest in R&D
Valuation GrowthRevenue growth, additional funding, brand building, profitability

Adorky Niblerzz: Business Plan

Adorky Niblerzz Shark Tank India Episode Review

Business Potential in India:

  • The Indian confectionery market is expected to reach ₹4,000 crore (USD 5.03 billion) by 2025 (Source: Mordor Intelligence).
  • Growing health (yishi – consciousness) among consumers is driving demand for healthier confectionery options.
  • Increasing disposable income, particularly among young consumers, is creating a larger target market.

Total Addressable Market (TAM):

  • Considering India’s population and a potential customer base of 2% interested in healthy candies (approx. 50 million), the TAM is estimated at ₹80 crore (USD 100.6 million).

Ideal Target Audience:

  • Demographics: Health-conscious consumers aged 18-40, residing in urban areas.
  • Psychographics: Individuals seeking healthier alternatives to traditional candies, parents concerned about sugar intake in children, and those with dietary restrictions (gluten-free, sugar-free).

Marketing Strategy:


  • Social media: Eye-catching visuals showcasing product benefits (natural ingredients, sugar-free, guilt-free indulgence).
  • Collaborations: Partner with health and wellness influencers, mommy bloggers, and fitness enthusiasts to create engaging content.
  • Recipes and snack ideas: Showcase Adorky Niblerzz candies as ingredients in healthy recipes and snacks.

Digital Marketing Strategy:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize website content and product listings for relevant keywords like “healthy candy,” “sugar-free gummies,” and “natural candy for kids.”
  • Influencer marketing: Partner with micro and macro-influencers relevant to the health and wellness niche.
  • Targeted social media advertising: Utilize social media advertising platforms to reach the target audience based on demographics and interests.
  • Content marketing: Develop blog posts and articles focused on healthy snacking, mindful indulgence, and the benefits of natural ingredients.

Distribution Strategy:

  • Direct-to-consumer (D2C) online platform: Offering the full product range with secure checkout and subscription options.
  • Partnerships with health food stores and organic retailers: Increase product accessibility for health-conscious consumers.
  • Exploring premium gifting options: Partner with online gifting platforms to target special occasions and corporate gifting.


  • Unique selling proposition (USP): All-natural, sugar-free candies that cater to the growing demand for healthy indulgence.
  • Strong (chuang shi ren men – founders) with experience in advertising and brand building.
  • Investor backing: Investment from Shark Tank India provides credibility and resources for growth.


  • Low brand awareness: Building brand recognition in a competitive market.
  • Limited online presence: Need to improve website traffic and SEO.
  • Pricing strategy: Balancing affordability with the use of premium, natural ingredients.

Reasons for Potential Success:

  • First-mover advantage in the healthy candy segment within the Indian confectionery market.
  • Data-driven marketing approach: Utilize website analytics, social media insights, and customer feedback to optimize campaigns.
  • Strategic partnerships: Collaborate with complementary brands, influencers, and retailers to expand reach and credibility.

Mitigation Strategies:

  • Product innovation: Continuously develop new and exciting flavors while maintaining the sugar-free and natural ingredient focus.
  • Omnichannel marketing: Integrate online and offline marketing efforts for a seamless customer experience.
  • Transparency and education: Emphasize the use of natural ingredients and the benefits of sugar-free candy through content marketing and clear product labeling.

Future Business:

  • Expand product portfolio: Introduce new candy and gummy varieties, and potentially explore healthier snack options.
  • Strengthen distribution network: Secure partnerships with leading grocery chains and online marketplaces across India.
  • Invest in research and development: Focus on innovative sugar-free sweeteners and explore new product categories.

Roadmap to Increase Valuation:

  • Achieve significant revenue growth by exceeding sales targets and expanding distribution channels.
  • Secure additional funding to support product development, marketing initiatives, and geographical expansion.
  • Demonstrate strong brand-building and customer acquisition strategies.
  • Maintain a focus on profitability and financial sustainability.

By implementing this comprehensive business plan and addressing potential challenges, Adorky Niblerzz can solidify its position as a leading healthy candy brand in India and achieve its long-term vision.


Adorky Niblerzz has a strong vision and a unique product offering. By addressing key challenges and implementing effective strategies, the company can achieve its goals and become a leading player in the healthy confectionery market.

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