GunjanApps Studios Shark Tank India Review

GunjanApps Studios proudly presents a collection of child-learning apps that spark curiosity and foster a love for learning. Parents and caregivers can experience the power of interactive education and provide their children with a fun and engaging platform to explore new concepts and skills.

Families can enter the world of GunjanApps Studios and unlock a world of interactive learning for their children. The brand offers a range of carefully designed child learning apps that capture attention and ignite the imagination. Parents can say goodbye to traditional learning methods and immerse their children in an exciting digital learning adventure that makes education enjoyable and effective.

GunjanApps Studios’ child learning apps are a testament to the power of technology in education. Each app is thoughtfully crafted to nurture a child’s potential and provide a personalized learning experience.

From early literacy to math skills, the apps cover a wide range of subjects, offering engaging activities, games, and interactive content that make learning captivating and effective. Parents can witness their children thrive and develop a lifelong love for learning.

Parents can embrace the desire to empower their child’s learning journey with GunjanApps Studios’ child learning apps. The apps offer a safe and enriching environment where children can explore, experiment, and discover at their own pace.

With a focus on age-appropriate content and engaging visuals, the apps stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Parents can give their children the tools they need to succeed academically and beyond.

Parents can take the next step and ignite the learning spark with GunjanApps Studios’ child learning apps. They can visit the website or app store to explore the range of apps tailored to different age groups and subjects. They can watch as their children engage with interactive lessons, quizzes, and activities that make learning enjoyable and effective.

By joining the community of parents and educators who have witnessed the positive impact of the apps on children’s learning journeys, parents can empower their children’s education and unlock their potential.

GunjanApps Studios invites parents to empower their children’s education, unlock their potential, and let the brand be their guide in the world of interactive learning. Parents can experience the joy of seeing their children thrive academically and develop essential skills for a bright future.

Entrepreneur Name;- Gunjan Gupta and Sourav Gupta

About the Entrepreneur;- GunjanApps studios was founded by Saurav Gupta and Gunjan Gupta, both of whom hail from Kolkata. Saurav grew up in Howrah and worked as a software engineer prior to founding the studio, while Gunjan is originally from Uttar Pradesh.

Brand Name;- GunjanApps Studios
Brand Website;-
Business Category;- Apps

Innovation;- Yes, Gunjan Apps Studios aims to develop learning and gaming applications with unique content and ideas designed for children, emphasizing their growth and development.

Company Valuation;- ₹250 crores.
Equity Asked;- ₹2.5 cr for 1% Equity
Deal Closed;-No.
Final Shark Tank Deal;- No.
Target City/Country;- Worldwide.
Product;- Child Learning Apps

About the Product;- GunjanApps Studios is the largest kid’s gaming company in India, with a collection of over 40 mobile games designed for children aged 1.5 to 12 years. These games enable children to learn English, math, solve puzzles, and exercise while having fun.

The company began in 2016 with just one app and has since grown to offer more than 40 apps for learning purposes, with over 200 million downloads. Their goal is to make Gunjan apps accessible to every child. The math games, in particular, are the most popular with 60 million downloads and 3 lakh positive reviews.


Saurav Gupta and Gunjan Gupta asked ₹2.5 cr for 1% Equity, None of the sharks were interested in the deal. It concluded in No Deal.

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