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iMumz Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name – Mayur, Jaideep & Ravi Teja

About the Entrepreneur –  The company was founded by Mayur Dhurpate, Ravi Teja Akondi, and Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, along with a fourth individual.

Mayur and Ravi, both IIT graduates and friends from Bangalore, joined forces with Jaideep, a distinguished doctor who has devoted decades to the healthcare sector, and the fourth co-founder.

The founders collectively own 67% of the equity shares, while 10% is reserved for ESOP, and the remaining 23% is with the investors.

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Brand NameiMumz
Brand Website-
Business CategoryHealth Care
Company Valuation₹10 Crores
Equity Asked₹70 Lakhs for 1% Equity
Deal ClosedYes
Final Shark Tank Deal₹10 Lakhs for 10% Equity, 60 Lakhs Debt @ 10% interest
Target City/Country-INDIA
Product/ServicesPregnancy Care to Parenting App

About the Product;- iMumz offers round-the-clock guidance and monitoring to mothers, serving as a lifestyle coach to help educate them on the importance of healthy living and design personalized measures to incorporate into their daily routine.

Conclusion –

Mayur, Jaideep & Ravi Teja asked for ₹70 Lakhs for 1% Equity but ended up closing the deal at ₹10 Lakhs for 1% Equity and 60 Lakh Debt for @ 10 interest with Shark Peyush.

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