Solinas Integrity Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name – Bhavesh Narayani, Divanshu Kumar, Moinak Banerjee, Linda Jasline

About the Entrepreneur – The founders of the company are originally from different parts of India. Divanshu Kumar, one of the co-founders, is from Gaya, Bihar, and holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay.

Bhavesh, the other co-founder, is from Gwalior and was expelled from school at a young age, but later managed to get into IIT Bombay where he met Divanshu. Moinak Banerjee is from Durgapur, West Bengal, and earned his B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from SRM University in Chennai.

Linda Jasline is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and also studied Mechanical Engineering at SRM University. She is responsible for the R&D department and general management of the company.

LinkedIn Profile –

Bhavesh Narayani
Divanshu Kumar
Brand NameSolinas Integrity
Brand Website
Business CategorySeptic Tank Cleaning Robot

Innovation – Yes, Solinas creates innovative technological solutions for efficient utility management, with the aim of improving sustainability and making a positive impact on people’s daily lives.

Company Valuation₹30 Crores
Equity Asked₹90 Lakhs for 2% Equity
Deal ClosedYes
Final Shark Tank Deal₹90 Lakhs for 3% Equity
Target City/CountryIndia
Total Addressable MarketUSD 3.6 billion
ProductSeptic Tanks and Pipeline Management

About the Product – Solinas Integrity is a company specializing in end-to-end sanitation asset management, which involves the inspection and cleaning of critical public assets such as pipelines and manholes. Their product line consists of three offerings, one software and two hardware products.

The first of their hardware products is HomoSEP, a robotic cleaning device that can clean septic tanks without the need for manual intervention. The second product is Endobot, a robotic inspection device that simplifies the process of inspecting water and sewer pipelines ranging from 9cm to 90cm in diameter.

Endobot is equipped with advanced capabilities that allow it to detect leaks and blockages within the pipeline, while also gathering other relevant details. These products were launched in 2020 and the company has already received two patents for HomoSEP, with two more patents currently pending.

Conclusion –

Bhavesh Narayani, Divanshu Kumar, Moinak Banerjee, Linda Jasline asked ₹90 Lakhs for 2% Equity. Sharks Anupam and Peyush offered ₹90 Lakhs for 3% Equity. It concluded in a successful deal.

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