Atmosphere Studio Shark Tank India Review

Looking for a delicious and healthy beverage option? Introducing Atmosphere Studio Shark Tank India, the perfect health drink for all wellness needs.

Atmosphere Studio Shark Tank India Review:- Atmosphere Studio’s unique blend of all-natural ingredients, including turmeric, ginger, and lemon, work together to provide a powerful antioxidant boost and promote overall wellness. These drinks are also vegan, gluten-free, and contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Health Drink Business In India Case Study

Customers can start their day with a refreshing and invigorating drink that tastes great and supports their immune system and promotes healthy digestion. Atmosphere Studio offers all the benefits of a healthy drink without sacrificing taste or quality.

Interested customers can visit the Atmosphere Studio Shark Tank India website or their nearest retailer to try the beverage and experience the power of natural ingredients in every sip. Don’t wait to start the journey towards a healthier lifestyle today with Atmosphere Studio Shark Tank India.

Entrepreneur Name –  Ariella & Rebekah

About the Entrepreneur – The co-founders of this company are Ariella Blank and Rebekah Sood, who are sisters. They relocated from the United States to India in 1992 with their family, and their father is a professor of mechanical engineering at IIT Kanpur. They both have earned a BA degree in the United States.

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Brand NameAtmosphere Studio
Brand Website-
Business CategoryHealth Drink
Company Valuation₹9.38 Crores
Equity Asked₹75 Lakhs for 3% Equity
Deal ClosedNO
Target City/Country-INDIA
Total Addressable Market-₹15000 Crores

About the Product – The production process for these products involves fermenting green tea with a combination of bacteria and yeast, resulting in a range of flavors including exotic lime, kolala, mango peach, lychee love, elderflower, and blueberry lavender.

The ingredients used in these products are entirely real and 100% natural.

Conclusion –

Namita, Peyush, and Aman withdrew from the agreement, after which Anupam proposed to purchase 20% of the company’s equity for 75 lakhs at a valuation of 3.75 crores.

Meanwhile, Veenita offered to buy 10% equity of the company for 30 lakhs and provide a loan of 45 lakhs at 12% interest, with the valuation set at 3 crores.

In response, the founders made a counteroffer to Anupam, offering 8% equity for 75 lakhs at a valuation of 9.38 crores.

Ultimately, since Anupam declined the founders’ counteroffer, no final agreement was reached.

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