Conscious Chemist Shark Tank India Episode Review

Conscious Chemist – Transforming Beauty with Intelligence

Concious Chemist is quality or nothing . In the realm of beauty and skincare, Conscious Chemist emerges as a beacon of intelligence, challenging the conventional belief that natural and organic equate to effectiveness.

Concious Chemist Shark Tank India Episode Review

Founded by Robin Gupta and Prakhar Mathur, this science-backed innovative brand has impacted over 3 lakh customers, delivering superior skincare tailored for the Indian audience.

The founders seek a 60-lakh investment for a 2% equity stake, valuing their venture at 30 Cr.

Shark Vineeta, already acquainted with Conscious Chemist through a popular influencer, sees potential from an acquisition perspective.

Concious Chemist shark tank india Founders details

Conscious Chemist Shark Tank India- Innovative Formulations through Iteration

The founders, Robin and Prakhar, emphasize the dedication it takes to produce high-quality products.

With an understanding of each ingredient and its effects, they’ve curated a range of 29 different products, addressing various skin concerns like Keratosis Pilaris, Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Scars, Stretch Marks, and aging.

The logo and packaging receive accolades, as does the product quality, including its feel and scent.

Concious Connect product solutions as shown in shark tank india

Conscious Chemist –Financial Landscape and Distribution Challenges

While currently incurring losses, Conscious Chemist has secured 2 Cr in funding from Lotus Herbals pre-money, valuing the startup at 9 Cr. A bridge round followed at a 25 Cr valuation, raising 76 lacs INR. However, challenges with Lotus for new rounds arise, with issues surrounding the offered 2.5 Cr and an 18 Cr valuation. The startup faces a tight runway, holding approximately 7-8 months of funding with 65-70 lacs in the bank.

Concious Chemist valuation and funding details

Conscious Chemist Shark Tank Evaluation and Critical Insights

Vineeta, emphasizing the need for profitability and positive cash flow, urges the founders to explore new categories. Aman, cautious about venturing into new categories, cites examples like Boat, profitable in headphones but incurring losses in wearables. Namita suggests a more minimalistic strategy to streamline the founders’ focus.

Concious Connect valuation and ask on shark tank india

Despite the product’s quality, every shark on the panel opts out, citing concerns ranging from confusion in strategy to distribution challenges. Vineeta, recognizing the potential in the beauty space, estimates a market growth from 7000 Cr to 30000 Crores, with almost half attributed to skincare. Nevertheless, she withdraws her interest due to perceived difficulties in navigating online channels and quick commerce.

In the world where the best product doesn’t always secure success, Conscious Chemist faces the challenge of aligning its quality offerings with a robust distribution strategy.

Connect with Conscious Chemist:

Linkedin Profile link for Prakhar Mathur  is –

Linkedin Profile Link for Robin Gupta is –

Conscious Chemist’s Online Triumph: Shopify Excellence and SEO Mastery

Stepping into the digital realm with finesse, Conscious Chemist’s website, hosted on Shopify at, stands as a testament to their commitment to online excellence.

Impressively, the website draws over 20,000 visitors organically, a testament to its visibility in online searches.

Concious Chemist digital marketing data

What’s even more noteworthy is the fact that this substantial traffic is generated through the use of over 9000 keywords, a testament to their strategic SEO approach.
Astonishingly, this feat is achieved with just 850 quality backlinks, showcasing a remarkable ratio of efficacy.

The true measure of their SEO prowess lies in securing top positions for numerous long-tail keywords. This accomplishment underscores that Conscious Chemist understands the nuances of search engine optimization, ensuring that their online presence resonates strongly with potential customers.

Concious Chemist keywords data as per shark tank india

In the ever-competitive digital landscape, Conscious Chemist’s approach not only reflects effective SEO practices but also positions them as a digital force to be reckoned with in the beauty and skincare domain.

Concious Chemist websites technical Details

Conscious Chemist: A Dive into Intelligent Beauty

  1. Introduction and Founders:
    • Season 3, Episode on January 22, 2023.
    • Robin Gupta and Prakhar Mathur co-founded Conscious Chemist.
    • Emphasizes the perception gap between natural and effective skincare.
  2. Innovative Brand and Fundraising:
    • Science-backed brand serving over 3 lac customers.
    • Seeking 60 lacs for 2% equity at a 30 Cr Valuation.
    • Attracted the attention of Shark Vineeta through a popular influencer.
  3. Product Development and Focus:
    • 50 iterations invested in creating 29 effective skincare products.
    • Targets common skin concerns such as Keratosis Pilaris, Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Scars, Stretch Marks, and Aging.
  4. Appreciated Elements:
    • Positive feedback on logo, packaging, and product quality.
    • Despite current losses, the founders aim to enhance distribution channels.
  5. Financial Landscape:
    • Raised 2 Cr from Lotus Herbals at a 9 Cr valuation and a bridge round at 25 Cr for 76 lacs INR.
    • Limited runway of 7-8 months with 65-70 lacs in the bank.
  6. Shark Tank Interaction:
    • Varying opinions from Sharks.
    • Aman warns against venturing into new categories.
    • Namita suggests a minimalistic approach for clarity.
    • Vineeta expresses concern over distribution and online channels, leading to a unanimous rejection.
  7. Insights from Vineeta:
    • Acknowledges the quality but deems a clear path to online channels and quick commerce as lacking.
    • Beauty market projected to grow from 7000 Cr to 30000 Cr, focusing on skincare.
  8. Outcome and Online Presence:
    • All Sharks decline to invest.
    • LinkedIn Profiles: Prakhar Mathur, Robin Gupta.
    • Website: Conscious Chemist.
    • Successful SEO strategy with 20,000+ organic monthly visitors and top-ranking positions for numerous keywords.

Conclusion: Despite quality products, Conscious Chemist faces challenges in strategy and distribution, leading to a unanimous rejection by the Sharks.

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