Dhruv Vidyut Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name – Gursaurabh Singh

About the Entrepreneur – Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit, created by Gursaurabh Singh, is designed to convert over 80 million conventional bicycles in India into electric bicycles, by adding a motor and battery.

LinkedIn Profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/gursaurabh/

Brand NameDhruv Vidyut
Business CategoryElectric Conversion Kit For Bicycles

Innovation – Yes, Through Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit, they want to make India more dynamic by making India’s indigenous cycle an electric cycle.

Company ValuationN.A.
Equity Asked100 hours of time in exchange for 0.5% Equity
Deal ClosedYes
Final Shark Tank Deal100 hours of time in exchange for 0.5% Equity
Target City/CountryIndia
ProductElectric Conversion Kit for Bicycles

About the Product – Dhruv Vidyut is an electrical conversion kit for bicycles that converts bicycles into Electric bikes.

Conclusion –

Gursaurabh Singh presented an interesting pitch as he did not ask for any money from the sharks. Instead, he asked for 100 hours of participation from the sharks for 0.5% Equity.

Sharks Aman, Anupam, and Peyush accepted what he asked for. Hence It concluded in a fair deal.

Dhruv Vidyut: Electrifying Indian Bicycles

  1. Entrepreneur Profile: Gursaurabh Singh
    • Gursaurabh Singh is the mind behind Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit.
    • A visionary aiming to convert millions of conventional bicycles in India into electric bikes.
  2. Brand Details
    • Brand Name: Dhruv Vidyut
    • Business Category: Electric Conversion Kit for Bicycles
  3. Innovation for a Dynamic India
    • Innovation: Dhruv Vidyut’s Electric Conversion Kit transforms traditional Indian cycles into electric ones.
    • Aims to contribute to a more dynamic India with indigenous electric bikes.
  4. Equity and Valuation
    • Company Valuation: Not Available
    • Equity Asked: 100 hours of participation for 0.5% Equity
  5. Shark Tank Deal
    • Deal Closed: Yes
    • Final Deal: 100 hours of time exchanged for 0.5% Equity
    • Participating Sharks: Aman, Anupam, Peyush
  6. Target Market
    • Target City/Country: India
  7. Product Focus: Electric Conversion Kit
    • Product: Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit for Bicycles
    • Converts conventional bicycles into electric bikes.
  8. Conclusion: A Unique Deal
    • Gursaurabh Singh’s pitch stood out by not seeking monetary investment.
    • Asked for 100 hours of time from the sharks in exchange for 0.5% Equity.
    • Aman, Anupam, and Peyush accepted the offer, resulting in a fair and unique deal.

Note: This summary captures the essence of Gursaurabh Singh’s pitch for Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit, showcasing the innovation, deal details, and the entrepreneurial vision.

Dhruv Vidyut: Empowering Bicycles with Electric Conversion

Business Plan:

  1. Introduction:
    • Dhruv Vidyut offers an innovative electrical conversion kit to turn conventional bicycles into electric bikes.
  2. Business Potential in India:
    • Growing environmental consciousness and the need for sustainable transportation present a significant market opportunity.
  3. Total Addressable Market (TAM):
    • With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in India, the TAM for electric bicycle conversion kits is expanding rapidly.
  4. Ideal Target Audience and Demographics:
    • Urban commuters, cycling enthusiasts, and eco-conscious individuals.
    • Age group: 18-45, residing in urban and semi-urban areas.
  5. Marketing Strategy:
    • Online campaigns targeting cycling communities.
    • Collaborations with eco-friendly influencers.
    • Participation in cycling events.
  6. Content and Digital Marketing Strategy:
    • Engage in social media platforms with visually appealing content showcasing the benefits of electric conversion.
    • Educational content on the environmental impact of electric bikes.
  7. Distribution Strategy:
    • Partner with bicycle retailers and eco-friendly stores.
    • Establish an online presence with direct sales through the official website.
  8. Advantages:
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation.
    • Cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new electric bike.
  9. Challenges:
    • Limited awareness about electric bike conversion.
    • Competition with established electric bike brands.
  10. Reasons for Success:
    • Addressing the increasing demand for sustainable transportation.
    • Offering an affordable solution to convert existing bicycles.
  11. Mitigation Strategies:
    • Implement robust marketing campaigns to raise awareness.
    • Collaborate with bicycle retailers for widespread availability.
  12. Future Business:
    • Explore partnerships with bicycle manufacturers for integrated solutions.
    • Continuous innovation in electric conversion technology.
  13. Roadmap to Increase Valuation:
    • Expand product line with advanced conversion kits.
    • Explore international markets for global reach.

In conclusion, Dhruv Vidyut is poised to revolutionize personal transportation by providing an accessible and eco-friendly solution through its electric conversion kits.

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