Cellbell Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name – Pawan Demla and Chirag

About the Entrepreneur – Pawan Demla’s journey began with a science major in college in 2007, which provided him with a logical approach to clear engineering in Information technology in 2011, where he developed a keen interest in web development.

After hustling through more than 57 interviews, he landed his dream job as a software engineer with Capgemini India, where he worked on the supply chain modules of Oracle ERP under the Canon Europe project for three years before leaving in 2014.

Initially, Pawan had planned to pursue a master’s degree in the USA but instead decided to start his own full-time venture, CELLBELL, in 2015 with his brother, after their part-time Instagram gig in mobile accessories showed promise.

Since then, they have managed to sustain and grow their business through profits and bootstrap funds, expanding from mobile accessories to office furniture and now, gaming chairs.

To achieve their future goals, they have begun focusing on their core capabilities such as product development, delivering on-ground customer expectations, data-driven growth in sales channels, and ensuring favorable supplier relations for sustainable growth.

As they progress, their efforts are leading them to explore the question of why online furniture buying is still hesitant for the real India, and they are building an orchestra to answer this question while staying happy because they too are consumers of the solution they are creating.

LinkedIn Profiles –

Pawan Demlahttps://www.linkedin.com/in/demlaip/
Brand NameCellbell
Brand Websitehttps://cellbell.in/
Business CategoryChairs
Company Valuation₹60 Crore
Equity Asked₹90 Lakhs for 1.5% Equity
Deal ClosedNo
Final Shark Tank DealNo Deal
Target City/CountryWorld Wide
Total Addressable MarketUS$5.33bn in 2023
ProductGaming Chairs

About the Product –  Cellbell Chairs. Throughout the past fifteen years, the Esports community has been strengthened by providing influencers with a platform to engage in and promote gaming.

Gaming is one of the popular niches as the gaming industry is growing day by day. In India, gaming influencers are experts in their field and know their games.

Pawan and Chirag invented these gaming-friendly chairs that are perfect for use while gaming.

Conclusion – 

Pawan Demla and Chirag asked ₹90 Lakhs for 1.5% Equity but none of the sharks showed any interest in the deal. It concluded in a No Deal.

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