VsnapU Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name – Taranbir Singh Sahani, Parminder Singh Sahani, Kaushik Singh and Anshu Sharma

About the Entrepreneur – Taranbir Singh Sahani is responsible for operations, while Parminder Singh Sahani is the strategic head.

Kaushik Singh oversees technology, and Anshu Sharma manages BDA and partnerships.

Taranbir and Parminder are cousins, and Kaushik and Anshu have been close friends for a decade.

LinkedIn Profile- https://www.linkedin.com/in/taranbir-sahni-1176a8b3/

Brand NameVsnapU
Brand Website-https://www.vsnapu.com/
Business CategoryBook Photographers Online

Company Valuation₹33.33 Crores.
Equity Asked₹50 Lakhs for 1.5% Equity
Deal ClosedNo
Target City/Country-Worldwide
Total Addressable Market-$43.54 billion in 2023 
Product/ServicesA one-stop solution for all photographic needs

About the Product – When shopping online, we rely heavily on product images to make purchasing decisions.

The same goes for ordering food – we often base our selections on food images. However, there is currently no well-known photography company offering a comprehensive solution for all photography needs, including booking photographers online.

Enter VsnapU, a brand aiming to fill this gap in the market. The global photography market is valued at 2 lakh crores, and VsnapU is already available in 40 cities and 28 countries.

Through their platform, they have successfully completed over 30,000 shoots by connecting with more than 1,000 photographers.

Their ultimate goal is to bring order to the chaotic photography market. Taranbir and Parminder each hold an equal equity share, while Kaushik and Anshu hold 5% each.

Their business model caters to both B2C and B2B customers.

Conclusion –

Taranbir Singh Sahani, Parminder Singh Sahani, Kaushik Singh, and Anshu Sharma asked ₹50 Lakhs for 1.5% Equity. None of the sharks were interested in the deal. It concluded in No Deal.

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