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The Health Factory Shark Tank India Review

Health-conscious individuals and bread lovers!

“The Health Factory” is a bakery products brand that is committed to producing healthy and nutritious bread. Their high-protein bread is a delicious alternative to bland and boring bread.

Their bread is packed with protein that can help consumers stay energized and feel full longer. It is also an excellent source of fiber, which aids in digestion and promotes overall health. The bread is made from high-quality ingredients and is free from preservatives, additives, and artificial flavors.

Bakery Products Business In India(Case Study)

Consumers can imagine biting into a slice of freshly baked bread that not only tastes great but is also good for them. The Health Factory’s bread is perfect for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste. Whether they are a fitness enthusiast or simply looking for a healthier option, The Health Factory is the brand for them.

Consumers are encouraged not to settle for ordinary bread when they can have The Health Factory’s high-protein bread. They can order now and experience the delicious and nutritious bread that they deserve.

The Health Factory’s website is available for online orders or they can find their products on their favorite grocery store’s shelves. Consumers are also invited to join The Health Factory’s community of bread lovers who care about their health and taste buds.

Entrepreneur Name – Vinay Maheswari and Mohit Sankhala

About the Entrepreneur – The company was founded by Vinay Maheswari and Mohit Sankhala, who are 31 and 29 years old, respectively.

The two individuals are cousins. Vinay holds an MBA degree from Symbiosis Pune, while Mohit has completed his graduation.

In terms of ownership, Vinay owns 74.7% of the company, while Mohit holds a 2% stake.

LinkedIn Profile-

Brand NameThe Health Factory
Brand Website-
Brand Website-High-protein Breads

Innovation – Yes, The Healthy Factory Business Vision presents a range of healthy products with a choice of ingredients to produce to make the most of the nutritional value in a single food item.

Company Valuation₹3,57,14,285.71.
Equity Asked₹75 Lakhs for 2.1% Equity
Deal ClosedNo
Target City/Country-India
Total Addressable Market-US$52.73bn in 2023
Product/ServicesHealthy protein bread

About the Product – In India, a country known for its diversity and regional cuisines, bread is a common food that unites everyone.

Whether it’s a sandwich or a dessert like Shahi tukra, bread is a ubiquitous ingredient.

The Health Factory, with the help of international technologists, has introduced India’s first protein bread.

The product boasts several unique selling propositions, including 300% more protein, 20% less carbs, low fat, low sugar, zero cholesterol, and no trans fat.

The bread is currently available in over 100 retail stores in Mumbai and Pune, as well as on major online marketplaces.

Customers can also subscribe through the company’s website for fresh bread delivered to their doorstep.

The Health Factory aims to become India’s largest bread maker, having launched in 2018.

Conclusion –

Vinay Maheswari and Mohit Sankhala asked ₹75 Lakhs for 2.1% Equity. None of the sharks were interested in the deal. It concluded in No Deal.

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