Aastey Shark Tank India Episode Review

Aastey Shark Tank India Episode Review

Website Information:

  • Website:- Aastey
  • Build on E-commerce Shopify.
  • Boost with SEO
  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC:- 13,976 organic visitors per month


  • Jeevika Tyagi and Kanupriya Mundhra are the founders of Aastey.
  • Jeevika Tyagi: Bachelor of Arts, Imperial College London; Master of Business Administration, Drexel University; experience in marketing at ZEE5 and various startups.
  • Kanupriya Mundhra: Bachelor of Mass Media (Advertising), Master of Business Management, H.R. College of Commerce and Economics; Master of Arts in Strategic Communication, Columbia University; experience in marketing and communication.
  • Their vision was to promote an active lifestyle, reflected in their size-inclusive and sustainable activewear line for women, which embraces diversity in size, color, age, and body type. Initially focusing on unique sustainable leggings, Aastey has evolved to redefine fitness athleisure for women, embodying inclusivity and sustainability at its core.


  • To be India’s first sustainable athleisure wear brand for all women.

Aastey Shark Tank India Episode


  • Leggings: Wide range of styles, fabrics, and sizes to cater to diverse preferences and body types.
  • Sports bras: High-quality support and comfort for various activities.
  • Tank tops: Breathable and stylish options for workouts and casual wear.

Target Audience:

  • Women of all shapes and sizes
  • Women who are looking for comfortable and stylish athleisure wear
  • Women who are interested in sustainable fashion

Marketing Strategy:

  • Online marketing: Website, social media, influencer marketing
  • Offline marketing: Pop-up shops, retail partnerships
  • Public relations: Media outreach, press releases

Distribution Strategy:

  • Direct-to-consumer: Online sales, in-store sales
  • Retail partnerships: Partner with other retailers to sell Aastey products


  • Sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices
  • Size-inclusive and body-positive marketing
  • High-quality and comfortable products


  • High cost of entry into the athleisure market
  • Educating consumers about sustainable fashion
  • Competing with established athleisure brands

Success & Mitigation:

  • Focus on customer experience: Offer excellent customer service, free shipping and returns, and a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Build a strong brand community: Engage with customers on social media, host events, and create a sense of belonging.
  • Partner with influencers: Collaborate with influencers who align with Aastey’s values and target audience.

Future Roadmap:

  • Expand product range: Add new products such as jackets, shorts, and accessories.
  • Expand into new markets: Sell products in other countries.
  • Develop a sustainable supply chain: Source materials from sustainable suppliers and reduce waste.


Aastey is currently valued at ₹40 crores.

Investment Sought:

Aastey is seeking an investment of ₹80 lakhs for 2% equity.

Shark Tank India Deal:

Aastey did not secure a deal on Shark Tank India.

Aastey Shark Tank Review Website Data

Aastey Shark Tank Review Website Data

Website BuildShopify
Organic Traffic13,976 visitors/month
FoundersJeevika Tyagi & Kanupriya Mundhra
VisionIndia’s first sustainable athleisure brand for all women
Products/ServicesLeggings, sports bras, tank tops
Target AudienceWomen aged 25-45 (urban/semi-urban), health-conscious, interested in fashion & fitness
PsychographicsValue inclusivity, sustainability, comfort, style, performance
Sub-segmentsFitness enthusiasts, casual exercisers, everyday active women, body-positive individuals
Marketing Strategy
Content & DigitalSocial media, influencer marketing, blog, SEO, email marketing
Paid AdvertisingTargeted ads, strategic partnerships
Public RelationsMedia outreach, industry events
Distribution Strategy
Direct-to-consumerOnline store
Retail partnershipsSelect physical & online retailers
Pop-up shopsTemporary physical experiences
Unique selling propositionFirst sustainable athleisure brand for all women in India
Strong teamExperienced founders with complementary skills & passion
Growing marketAthleisure market in India to reach $35.6 billion by 2027
Loyal customer basePositive reviews & strong community engagement
CompetitionExisting & emerging sustainable athleisure brands
Price sensitivityBalancing premium materials & affordability
Educating consumersRaising awareness about sustainable fashion
Reasons for Success
Focus on customer experienceExceptional service, personalized communication, community engagement
Product innovationDevelop new styles, fabrics, & technologies
Transparency & sustainabilityCommit to ethical production & environmental responsibility
Data-driven decision makingTrack performance & adapt strategies
Future Roadmap
Expand product rangeJackets, shorts, accessories
Expand reachNew markets in India & potentially internationally
Strengthen supply chainPartner with sustainable suppliers, minimize waste
Increase brand awarenessInfluencer marketing, PR, strategic partnerships
Valuation & Investment
Current valuationTo be determined
Investment soughtOpen to various forms based on needs & valuation
Shark Tank IndiaNo deal secured, gained exposure & feedback

Aastey: Detailed Business Plan Outline

Aastey Shark Tank India Episode Review

Target Audience:

  • Demographics: Women aged 25-45, urban/semi-urban areas, health-conscious, interested in fashion and fitness.
  • Psychographics: Value inclusivity, sustainability, comfort, style, and performance.
  • Sub-segments: Fitness enthusiasts, casual exercisers, everyday active women, body-positive individuals.

Marketing Strategy:

  • Content & Digital Marketing:
    • Social media: Engaging content showcasing products, stories, and community building.
    • Influencer marketing: Collaborate with relevant fitness, fashion, and body-positive influencers.
    • Blog: Share tips, workout routines, and sustainability initiatives.
    • SEO: Optimize website and content for relevant keywords.
    • Email marketing: Build subscriber base and nurture leads.
  • Paid Advertising:
    • Targeted ads: Reach specific audience segments on social media and search engines.
    • Strategic partnerships: Collaborate with fitness studios, gyms, and wellness platforms.
  • Public Relations:
    • Media outreach to generate brand awareness and positive press coverage.
    • Participate in industry events and conferences.

Distribution Strategy:

  • Direct-to-consumer: Online store with seamless shopping experience.
  • Retail partnerships: Collaborate with select physical and online retailers.
  • Pop-up shops: Create brand awareness and engage with customers through temporary physical experiences.


  • Unique selling proposition: First sustainable athleisure brand for all women in India.
  • Strong team: Experienced founders with complementary skills and passion for the brand vision.
  • Growing market: Athleisure market in India expected to reach $35.6 billion by 2027.
  • Loyal customer base: Positive customer reviews and strong community engagement.


  • Competition: Existing established athleisure brands and emerging sustainable competitors.
  • Price sensitivity: Balancing premium materials and sustainable practices with affordability.
  • Educating consumers: Raising awareness about sustainable fashion and its benefits.

Reasons for Success and Mitigation Strategies:

  • Focus on customer experience: Build a strong brand reputation through exceptional customer service, personalized communication, and community engagement.
  • Product innovation: Continuously develop new styles, fabrics, and technologies to meet evolving customer needs and trends.
  • Transparency and sustainability: Clearly communicate commitment to ethical production and environmental responsibility.
  • Data-driven decision making: Track marketing performance and customer feedback to optimize strategies.

Future Roadmap:

  • Expand product range: Introduce new categories like jackets, shorts, and accessories.
  • Expand reach: Enter new markets within India and potentially internationally.
  • Strengthen supply chain: Partner with sustainable suppliers and minimize waste.
  • Increase brand awareness: Utilize influencer marketing, public relations, and strategic partnerships.

Valuation & Investment:

  • Current valuation: To be determined based on market research and financial analysis.
  • Investment sought: Open to various forms of investment based on specific needs and valuation.


Aastey has a strong foundation for success in the growing Indian athleisure market. By focusing on its unique value proposition, building a strong brand, and implementing effective strategies, Aastey can become a leading player in sustainable and inclusive activewear for women.

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