Desi Toys Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name – Swapna Wagh

About the Entrepreneur – Swaapna Wagh is an hard working entrepreneur, maintaining her performance in the several years. She workers with the major organizations.

After working with major organized retail players in India for over 8 years, she embarked on a unique venture called ‘Desi Toys’ which offers traditional Indian toys and games to the tech-savvy generation while reviving childhood memories for the older generation.

She identified the need gap at the right time and took the opportunity to create and retail these wonderful toys, with the utmost care taken for quality and safety. Following the successful results of the initial pilot survey, they opened a standalone retail store in a well-known mall.

She Realised the shift of their customers to online marketplaces, then she think to established an online presence and today retails on popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Firstcry, Paytm, and Hopscotch, among others.

They also have their own e-store at and are currently present at domestic and international airports in India. They even sell in popular chain stores such as Hamleys, The Bombay Store, Bargain Book Hut Store, and more.

With an overwhelmingly positive response, they plan to expand in various ways to ensure the tech-savvy generation can experience and play with these amazing ‘DESI TOYS’.

LinkedIn Profile –

Brand NameDesi Toys
Brand Website
Business CategoryClassical Toys

Innovation;- Yes, Desi Toys aims to promote traditional and authentic Indian toys and games that are safe and sustainable in today’s digital age, while also fostering the developmental skills of children.

Company Valuation₹16.67 Crores
Equity Asked₹50 Lakhs for 3%
Deal ClosedNo
Final Shark Tank Deal₹50 Lakhs for 20%
Target City/CountryWorldwide
Total Addressable Market$1.5 bn
ProductAncient Toys

About the Product – Desi Toys is a one-stop-shop for authentic and traditional Indian toys and games. Our mission is to introduce the wonders of our country’s rich collection of toys and games to today’s tech-savvy generation, who may be missing out on these treasures.

Our Desi Toys are truly special, having stood the test of time and remaining popular to this day.

We take pride in offering high-quality, durable, and safe toys, with a great deal of time and resources spent to ensure their quality. Our games not only provide hours of fun but also act as valuable learning aids that help children develop various skill sets.

Desi Toys are not just for kids, but also for parents and grandparents who want to relive their childhood days playing with these timeless toys and games. Let Desi Toys help you create lasting fun memories for your entire family. 

Conclusion –  

Swapna Wagh asked ₹50 Lakhs for 3% Equity and Shark Amit offered ₹50 Lakhs for 20% Equity. It concluded in No Deal.

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