Free Bowler Shark Tank India Review

Freebowler, the leading brand in bowling machines, invites bowlers to discover a new era of bowling excellence with their state-of-the-art manual and automatic machines. Designed to enhance skills and take the game to new heights, Freebowler is the ultimate companion for passionate bowlers.

Bowlers are urged to prepare for a revolution in their practice and play. Freebowler’s cutting-edge manual and automatic bowling machines offer unparalleled precision and consistency, enabling bowlers to refine their technique and achieve remarkable results. Whether one is a professional seeking to fine-tune their skills or a beginner aiming to master the fundamentals, Freebowler provides the perfect solution.

Bowlers are invited to say goodbye to limitations and embrace unlimited practice opportunities with Freebowler. The manual and automatic machines are engineered to replicate real-game scenarios, allowing bowlers to simulate different bowling conditions and develop a versatile approach.

From swing bowling to spin variations, Freebowler provides an extensive range of customizable settings that cater to bowlers of all levels.

With Freebowler by their side, bowlers can sharpen their accuracy, improve consistency, and unlock their true potential. They can experience the thrill of progressing in leaps and bounds as they fine-tune their skills with every session.

Freebowler is committed to delivering exceptional performance and durability. The machines are crafted using high-quality materials and innovative technology, ensuring long-lasting reliability and optimal performance.

Whether bowlers choose the manual machine for hands-on control or the convenience of the automatic model, Freebowler guarantees consistent delivery and accuracy, allowing them to focus on honing their skills without distractions.

Bowlers are encouraged to step up to the challenge and embrace the power of Freebowler to elevate their bowling game. They can experience the game-changing features of the manual and automatic bowling machines and unlock their true potential on the lanes.

Visiting Freebowler today offers an opportunity to explore their exceptional range of machines and embark on a journey of bowling excellence. Bowlers can unleash their bowling potential with Freebowler and become a force to be reckoned with.

Entrepreneur Name – Pratheek Palanethra and Vishwanath HK

About the Entrepreneur – The company was founded by Pratheek Palanethra and Vishwanath HK, who hails from Bangalore and have experience playing cricket on under-13 and under-15 teams. Vishwanath is a certified cricket player and coach, while Pratheek is related to Indian cricketer KL Rahul.

The company’s operations are divided between the two, with Vishwanath overseeing finance, logistics, and customer service, and Pratheek responsible for product development and marketing.

LinkedIn Profile –

Pratheek Palanethra
Vishwanath HK

Brand NameFreebowler
Brand Website
Business CategoryBowling Machine

Innovation – Yes, The vision of Free Bowler Business is to offer innovative products that enhance the training experience for every player, thereby providing them with a better training experience.

Company ValuationN.A.
Equity Asked₹75 Lakhs for 7.5% Equity
Deal ClosedYes
Final Shark Tank Deal₹25 Lakhs for 7.5% Equity & ₹50 Lakhs Debt
Target City/CountryWorldwide
ProductManual and Automatic Bowling Machine

About the Product – Free Bowler offers an affordable and realistic bowling experience for cricket batters. Their mechanical bowling machine, available in two models, operates on springs and batteries and can be easily set up by the users themselves.

To date, they have sold over 1000 machines in 15 countries to cricket academies, individual cricketers, schools, and colleges through their website. Their goal is to provide superior infrastructure and bowling experience to cricketers of all levels and sell 100,000 units within the next five years. 

Conclusion –

Pratheek Palanethra and Vishwanath HK asked ₹75 Lakhs for 7.5% Equity. Shark Namita offered ₹25 Lakhs for 7.5% Equity & ₹50 Lakhs Debt. It concluded in a successful deal.

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