Gulabo Jaipur Shark Tank India Episode Review

Gulabo Jaipur Shark Tank India Episode Review


  • Website:- Gulabo Jaipur
  • Build on E-commerce Shopify
  • Advertise with Google Ads.
  • Boosts with SEO
  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC:- 13,890 organic visitors per month


  • Saloni Salman, a youthful designer, possesses a keen attention to detail and serves as the creative force driving the success of Gulabo Jaipur. Originating from Jaipur, she draws inspiration from the vibrant colors and rich fabrics of her surroundings to infuse her designs with captivating magic.


  • To create a fashion brand that combines Jaipur’s traditional fabrics and craftsmanship with a modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Gulabo Jaipur Shark Tank India Episode


  • Premium ethnic wear for women, including lehengas, anarkalis, dresses, kurtas, and shararas.
  • Jaipur-inspired prints and patterns.
  • Use of sustainable fabrics and ethical production practices.


  • Gulabo Jaipur is currently valued at ₹90 crores.

Investment Sought:

  • Gulabo Jaipur was seeking an investment of ₹90 lakhs for 1% equity in Shark Tank India. However, they did not secure a deal.

Gulabo Jaipur Shark Tank Review Website Data

Gulabo Jaipur Shark Tank Review Website Data

WebsiteGulabo Jaipur
PlatformShopify, Google Ads, SEO Optimization
Organic Traffic13,890 visitors/month
FounderSaloni Panwar
VisionModern & minimalist ethnic wear inspired by Jaipur’s tradition & craftsmanship
Products/Services– Premium ethnic wear for women (lehengas, anarkalis, dresses, etc.)
– Jaipur-inspired prints & patterns
– Sustainable fabrics & ethical production practices
Target Audience– Women aged 25-45
– Appreciate traditional design & craftsmanship
– Seek high-quality, stylish, & comfortable ethnic wear
– Sustainability & ethical fashion conscious
Marketing Strategy
Online– User-friendly website with strong SEO
– Active social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
– Influencer marketing partnerships
– Content marketing (blog, social media) showcasing designs, collaborations, & brand values
– Paid advertising campaigns on Google & social media
Offline– Retail partnerships with high-end boutiques & multi-brand stores
– Pop-up shops in major cities
– Collaborations with fashion events & exhibitions
Public Relations– Media outreach for coverage in fashion publications & online platforms
– Influencer collaborations for reviews & promotions
Distribution Strategy
Direct-to-consumerA modern twist on traditional ethnic wear
Retail partnershipsEstablished retailers & online marketplaces
FranchiseOpportunities for wider reach in various cities
Unique Brand PropositionModern twist on traditional ethnic wear
High-Quality ProductsFocus on design & craftsmanship
Sustainable & EthicalGrowing demand for these practices
Strong FounderPassionate & experienced
Existing Online PresenceCustomer base & brand awareness
CompetitionEstablished brands in the ethnic wear market
Brand AwarenessEducating consumers about the brand & value proposition
Retail NetworkBuilding a strong presence across different regions
ProfitabilityBalancing sustainable materials & ethical practices with cost control
Success & Mitigation Strategies
Strong Brand IdentityFocus on unique design, sustainability message, & emotional connection to Jaipur
Innovative ProductsContinuously introduce new collections, collaborate with artisans, & adapt to trends
Effective MarketingUtilize data-driven insights, create engaging content, & leverage influencer partnerships
Efficient Supply ChainPartner with reliable suppliers, optimize production, & explore cost-effective sustainable alternatives
Future Roadmap
Product ExpansionAccessories & home décor
Market ExpansionWithin India & potentially internationally
Retail PartnershipsStrengthen existing & expand distribution network
R&DInvest in innovation & product improvement
Customer ExperienceImplement loyalty programs & personalization
ValuationTo be determined based on future performance & market analysis
Investment SoughtOpen to various forms based on specific needs & valuation

Gulabo Jaipur: Business Plan Outline

Gulabo Jaipur Shark Tank India Episode Review

Target Audience:

  • Women aged 25-45, appreciate traditional design and craftsmanship.
  • Seeking high-quality, stylish, and comfortable ethnic wear.
  • Sustainability and ethical fashion conscious.

Marketing Strategy:


  • A website with a user-friendly experience and strong SEO.
  • Active social media presence (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Influencer marketing partnerships with relevant fashion and lifestyle figures.
  • Content marketing (blog, social media posts) showcasing designs, collaborations, and brand values.
  • Paid advertising campaigns on Google and social media platforms.


  • Retail partnerships with high-end boutiques and multi-brand stores.
  • Pop-up shops in major cities to create brand awareness and generate sales.
  • Collaborations with fashion events and exhibitions.

Public Relations:

  • Media outreach to secure coverage in fashion publications and online platforms.
  • Influencer collaborations for reviews and promotions.

Distribution Strategy:

  • Direct-to-consumer online sales through the Gulabo Jaipur website.
  • Partnerships with established retailers and online marketplaces.
  • Franchise opportunities for wider reach in various cities.


  • Unique brand proposition: modern twist on traditional ethnic wear.
  • High-quality products with focus on design and craftsmanship.
  • Growing demand for sustainable and ethical fashion.
  • Strong founder with passion and experience.
  • Existing online presence and customer base.


  • Competitive ethnic wear market with established brands.
  • Educating consumers about the brand and its value proposition.
  • Building a strong retail network across different regions.
  • Maintaining profitability while using sustainable materials and ethical practices.

Reasons for Success and Mitigation Strategies:

  • Strong brand identity and positioning: Focus on unique design aesthetic, sustainability message, and emotional connection with Jaipur heritage.
  • Innovative product design and development: Continuously introduce new collections, collaborate with local artisans, and adapt to evolving trends.
  • Effective marketing and branding strategies: Utilize data-driven insights to target the right audience, create engaging content, and leverage influencer partnerships.
  • Efficient supply chain management and cost control: Partner with reliable suppliers, optimize production processes, and explore cost-effective alternatives for sustainable materials.

Future Roadmap:

  • Expand product range to include accessories and home décor.
  • Enter new markets within India and potentially internationally.
  • Strengthen retail partnerships and expand the distribution network.
  • Invest in research and development to innovate and improve products.
  • Implement loyalty programs and personalized customer experiences.


To be determined based on future financial performance and market analysis.

Investment Sought:

Open to various forms of investment based on specific needs and valuation.


Gulabo Jaipur possesses a strong foundation and strategic vision to succeed in the growing ethnic wear market. By leveraging its unique identity, sustainable practices, and effective marketing strategies, Gulabo Jaipur can attract a loyal customer base and achieve significant growth.

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