Manetain Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name;- Yuba Aga and Hinshara Habeeb

About the Entrepreneur;-Yuba, a 37-year-old dentist from Mumbai, has been practicing her profession and running her own clinic since 2008. She is also a proud mother of three children. In 2017, after years of hair straightening and heat damage, she discovered the curly girl method and fell in love with her naturally curly hair.

This sparked a desire to inspire others to embrace their natural hair as well. In 2018, Yuba decided to turn her passion for curls into a business and, along with her friend Hinshara, founded Manetain.

Initially, they started with hair accessories, but they have now expanded their product line to include four hair care products, and are currently working on further extensions to their hair care range.

LinkedIn Profile –

Yuba Aga
Hinshara Habeeb
Brand NameManetain
Brand Website
Business CategoryHair Care Products

Innovation;- Yes, The Manetain business aims to promote and enhance natural hair, as opposed to other brands that focus on straightening hair issues. They strive to make the world a place where hair is curlier, voluminous, and more natural.

Company Valuation₹10 Crores
Equity Asked₹75 Lakhs for 2.5% Equity
Deal ClosedYes
Final Shark Tank Deal₹75 Lakhs for 10% Equity
Target City/CountryWorldwide
Total Addressable MarketUS$2.96bn
ProductHair Care for Curly Hairs

About the Product – Manetain was founded in 2018, initially selling heat caps and expanding into silk and satin products. In 2021, the brand introduced its first hair care products, co-wash, and conditioner, and recently launched two highly effective shampoos, Oh So Clean Clarifying Shampoo and Oh So Soft Moisturising Shampoo, along with travel sizes for all.

The brand has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its customer base and has grown from a few curly-head Whats App groups to a community of over 10,000 curly-heads.

Yuba and Hinshara believe in the importance of embracing one’s natural hair as a crucial step in practicing self-love, and they are inspired to continue their mission of making the world more curly, wavy, and natural through Manetain.


Yuba and Hinshara asked ₹75 Lakhs for 2.5% Equity. Shark Aman Gupta offered ₹75 Lakhs for 10% Equity. It concluded in a successful deal.

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