Nutricook Shark Tank India Review

Attention all cooking enthusiasts! Nutricook is a crockery brand that specializes in high-quality cookware products, aiming to provide the best cooking experience for customers.

Nutricook’s cookware products are made from premium materials, ensuring durability and superior performance. Their range of products includes pressure cookers, frying pans, and cooking pots, all designed to make cooking easier and more efficient.

Utensils Business In India(Case Study)

Nutricook’s pressure cookers use Nutri+ technology that helps retain more nutrients in your food while reducing cooking time by up to 70%.

Customers can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of cooking nutritious and delicious meals for their families in a fraction of the time with Nutricook’s cookware products. The products are designed to make cooking faster and more convenient without compromising on taste or quality. Whether you’re a busy parent or a passionate cook, Nutricook has the perfect cookware product to cater to your needs.

Ready to elevate your cooking experience? Order your Nutricook cookware products today! Customers can visit their website to browse the range of products and learn more about their Nutri+ technology.

Join the community of satisfied customers who have experienced the difference Nutricook can make in their cooking. Don’t wait, start cooking with Nutricook today!

Entrepreneur Name – P Ravi Kumar Reddy and Asha V M

About the Entrepreneur – The company was founded by P Ravi Kumar Reddy and Asha V M, with Ravi hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Asha from Bangalore.

LinkedIn Profile-

Brand NameNutricook
Brand Website-
Business CategoryUtensils

Innovation – NutriCook India aims to revolutionize the utensil industry through technology and consumer education, with a focus on promoting healthy cooking practices.

Their vision is to produce utensils that preserve the nutritional value of food during and after cooking, encouraging consumers to adopt healthier eating habits.

Company Valuation₹5 Crores.
Equity Asked₹1 cr for 2% Equity
Deal ClosedYes.
Final Shark Tank Deal₹50 Lakhs for 10% Equity & ₹50 Lakhs Debt
Target City/Country-India
Total Addressable Market-US$90.40m in 2023.
Product/ServicesCookware Products

About the Product – Nutricook is a company presenting oilless and waterless cookware. The founders, P Ravi Kumar Reddy and Asha V M sought ₹1 crore for 2% equity.

The company’s goal is to promote healthy cooking by addressing the issues of nutrient loss and the potential health risks associated with traditional cooking methods and utensils.

Nutricook’s cookware is made of 316 L surgical-grade steel, features a base made of different alloys, and offers up to 50% gas savings.

Their vision is to make Nutricook available in every home in India. To learn whether the sharks struck a deal with Nutricook, read on until the end.

Conclusion – 

P Ravi Kumar Reddy and Asha V M initially asked for ₹1 crore in exchange for 2% equity.

Veenita offered ₹50 lakhs for 10% equity in the company, along with a debt of ₹50 lakhs at a 12% interest rate.

In response, the owners proposed a counteroffer of ₹1 crore for 10% equity and the same debt structure.

Ultimately, the final deal was settled with Veenita for ₹50 lakhs in exchange for 10% equity in the company, as well as a debt of ₹50 lakhs at a 12% interest rate.

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