WatchOut Wearables Shark Tank India Review

As a parent, are you worried about the safety and well-being of your child when they’re away from you? Do you want to keep track of their activities and ensure their security?

WatchOut Wearables Shark Tank India Review:- WatchOut Wearables is a kid’s smartwatch business that offers you a perfect solution to all your concerns. Our smartwatches are designed specifically for kids and come with a range of features that not only keep them safe but also help them learn and grow. With GPS tracking, calling, messaging, and health monitoring, our smartwatches are the perfect way to stay connected with your child.

Kids Smart Watch Business In India(Case Study)

Imagine having peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and secure at all times. Our smartwatches offer real-time tracking, so you can monitor your child’s location and activities. They also come with a host of educational features, such as games and learning tools, to keep your child engaged and entertained. With WatchOut Wearables, you can help your child develop their skills and independence while staying connected to them.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your child the best possible start in life. Visit our website today to explore our range of smartwatches and order the one that suits your child’s needs. Join the thousands of satisfied parents who have already chosen WatchOut Wearables for their kids. Invest in your child’s safety and future with WatchOut Wearables – the smartwatch for smart kids.

Entrepreneur Name – Abhisek Baheti

About the Entrepreneur – The company’s founder is Abhishek Baheti, who holds a degree in chemical engineering and was a gold medalist at Sardar Patel University.

He also pursued an MBA and gained professional experience in Essar Steel and Pedalite industry. Furthermore, he completed an MBA in sales and marketing from SCMHRD, Pune.

LinkedIn Profile

Brand NameWatchOut Wearables
Brand Website-
Business CategorySmart Watches
Company Valuation₹10 Crores
Equity Asked₹2 Crores for 5% Equity
Deal ClosedYes
Final Shark Tank Deal₹1 Crore for 10% Equity, 1 Crore Debt @ 15% interest
Target City/Country-India
Total Addressable Market-US$124.80m
Product/ServicesKids Smart Watch

About the Product – The product operates on three core principles: safety, connectivity, and curiosity. To ensure safety, the watch is equipped with a GPS tracker that allows parents to track their child’s location.

The watch also features connectivity options, such as video and audio calling, which enable parents and children to stay in touch at any time and from anywhere.

Additionally, the watch boasts an object detection scanner that promotes curiosity and learning, allowing children to scan objects and discover their meaning and definition.

Notably, the watch sets itself apart from others on the market with its SIM slot, allowing it to function independently without a phone. Launched in 2022, the product has gained popularity, with over 3000 parents and children currently using it.


Abhishek Baheti asked for 2 Crore for 5% Equity Veenita and Anupam proposed an offer of 1 crore for 10% equity in the company, along with one crore in debt at a 15% interest rate, at a valuation of 10 crores.

In response, Abhishek made a counteroffer of 1 crore for 5% equity. Abhishek then presented another counteroffer, this time offering 1 crore for 7.5% equity and an additional one crore in debt at a 15% interest rate.

The final deal closed with Anupam and Veenita at 1 crore for 10% equity and 1 crore debt at 15% interest rate.

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