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Intervue Shark Tank India Episode Review

Intervue: Revolutionizing Tech Hiring

Intervue Shark Tank India Episode Review

Episode Date: 23/Jan/2023 – Season 3

Intervue Founders: Rahul Arora and Pushpendra Singh Rautela

Intervue Shark Tank India Founders

Intervue Shark Tank India Business Model:

  • Innovation: Intervue app facilitates tech hiring by paying engineers to conduct interviews.
  • Efficiency: Reduces hiring time from 45 to 7 days.
  • Success Rate: 7 out of 10 recommended candidates are selected.

Intervue Platform Features:

  • Marketplace: Over 100 customers using a marketplace of engineers for interviews.
  • Tools: Provides programming console, predefined questionnaires, and fraud prevention.
  • Anonymity: No sharing of resumes during interviews for unbiased evaluations.
  • Post-Interview: Detailed reports shared with clients.

    Post interview a detailed report is shared with the client

    On an average an interviewer can earn 60000 to 70000 while maximum happened was 2.5 lacs
    With immediate payment option after interview completion, usually 40% commission is paid to engineer interviewer

Intervue Shark Tank India Financial Snapshot:

  • Ask: ₹1.5 Cr for 1% equity at a valuation of ₹150 Cr.
  • Revenue Growth:
    • First year: ₹88 lacs
    • Second year: ₹8.7 Crores
    • Current year (third year): ₹4.2 Crores (expected to reach ₹13-15 Crores).
Intervue Shark Tank India Revenue

Intervue Shark Tank India Competition:

  • Competing with American company Karat, valuated at a billion dollars, charging $250 per interview.

Intervue Pitch Shark Responses:

  • Namita: Concerns about cultural fitness check.
  • Vineeta: Impressed but opts out.
  • Anupam & Aman: Interested and inquire about profits.
  • Deepinder & Aman Deal: Aman secures the deal with ₹1.5 Cr for 2% equity at a ₹75 Cr valuation.
  • Profit Projection: EBITDA was 18% last year, expected to be 5% this year.

Namita doubted the business model on the basis of cultural fitness check

Vineeta super impressed but wants to stay out of the deal

Anupam and Aman are interested and asked for profits

Anupam said 1.5 Cr for 3% at 50 cr valuation  and Aman said 1.5 cr for 2% at 75 cr valuation

Deepinder roped in with Aman
And offered 5 Cr at 10% equity on 50 cr valuation

Intervue Shark Tank India Valuation deal

Intervue Shark Tank India Web Presence:

Intervue stands at the intersection of efficiency and innovation, transforming the tech hiring landscape with a swift, unbiased, and profitable approach.

Intervue Shark Tank India digital marketing data

Website is contesting on more than 4000 keywords with over 5500 visitors every month , however maximum traffic is coming through blog articles


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