Kitsons Shark Tank India Review

All stationery and art enthusiasts! Kitsons is the perfect brand for you, specializing in high-quality stationery, arts, and crafts products. With its innovative designs and exceptional quality, Kitsons is dedicated to providing the best experience for its customers.

Kitsons’ products are made from premium materials, ensuring durability and superior performance. Their range of products includes a variety of stationery items, such as notebooks, pens, and pencils, as well as a wide selection of arts and crafts supplies.

Stationery Products Business In India(Case Study)

Their selection of products will provide you with all the tools you need to unleash your creativity, express your thoughts and ideas, and even help you organize your day.

Imagine being able to create unique pieces of art or organize your life in style. With Kitsons’ stationery and art products, you can do just that. Their products are designed to inspire creativity and make your everyday tasks more enjoyable.

From elegant notebooks to vibrant art supplies, Kitsons has everything you need to bring your imagination to life.

Ready to start exploring your creativity and organizing your life in style? Order your Kitsons stationery and art products today! Visit their website to browse their range of products and learn more about their exceptional quality.

Join the community of satisfied customers who have experienced the difference Kitsons can make in their artistic and organizational pursuits. Don’t wait, start creating and organizing with Kitsons today!

Entrepreneur Name – Abhishek Y, Lt Col Y Rajasekhar Reddy, Shubhankar Y

About the Entrepreneur – The company’s founders include Abhishek Y, Lt Col Y Rajasekhar Reddy, and Shubhankar Y. Rajasekhar Reddy, who is a civil engineer and army officer, had a childhood interest in collecting stationery items.

Abhishek has a degree in Mechanical engineering along with a diploma in business management and is responsible for overseeing the company’s daily operations.

He also worked at Accenture in the past. Shubhankar, who is also an engineer, started his career at Byju’s.

Brand NameKitsons
Brand Website-
Business CategoryStationery, Arts & Crafts
Company Valuation₹100 Crores.
Equity Asked₹10 cr for 10% Equity
Deal ClosedNo.
Target City/Country-India
Product/ServicesStationery, Arts & Crafts

About the Product – Kitsons is a comprehensive store that offers an array of products including toys, stationery, books, art & craft, and party supplies, making it a one-stop-shop for customers.

With over 20000 carefully selected SKUs in the kid’s section alone, the company has seven exclusive stores located in Hyderabad.

Their goal is to expand their business nationwide, allowing every child to have access to memorable childhood experiences.

The company prides itself on providing high-quality, China-free products, including toys that are made entirely in India.

They have not invested in any marketing efforts and have a strict no-returns and no-exchange policy. Established in 2010, their vision is to open an additional franchise and company-owned stores.

Conclusion – 

Abhishek Y, Lt Col Y Rajasekhar Reddy, and Shubhankar Y asked ₹10 cr for 10% Equity, None of the sharks were interested in the deal. It concluded in No Deal.

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