Toyshine Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name;- Rohit Khanna

About the Entrepreneur;- From Jalandhar hails Rohit Khanna who converted his father’s conventional toy enterprise into an e-commerce toy venture.

LinkedIn Profile-

Brand NameToyshine
Brand Website-
Business CategoryToys
Company Valuation₹250 Crore
Equity Asked₹1.25 Crore for 0.5% Equity
Deal ClosedNO
Final Shark Tank DealNo Deal
Target City/Country-GLOBAL
Product/ServicesUnique Collection of Toys

About The Product:- Toyshine is an indoor toy brand that specializes in providing toys for pre-schoolers and toddlers.

They offer a wide range of unique and high-quality toys that are affordable. Their collection caters to children from the toddler group up to 12 years of age, boasting over 2000 unique types of toys.

With over 10 lakh reviews on Amazon, they are a popular choice for parents seeking Indian-made toys, which account for 85% of their sales.

Despite their success, they have not heavily invested in marketing their products. The average order value for Toyshine is 700 rupees.


Rohit Khanna asked for ₹1.25 Crore for 0.5% Equity but ended up with no Deal, all Sharks  stepped out of the Deal because of scalability and differentiation issues.

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