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Curesee Shark Tank India Review

Entrepreneur Name;-  Amit, Puneet & Jatin

About the Entrepreneur;-  Puneet and Amit Sahni are both optometrists, while Jatin Kaushik is an electrical and electronics engineer.

Puneet and Jatin have been friends since childhood and met Amit through an industrial connection.

Together, they founded a company in 2017 and took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic period to develop the world’s leading brand of eye check-up software, which remains unparalleled to this day.

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Brand NameCuresee
Brand Website-
Business CategoryEye Care 

Innovation;- Yes, CureSee is a revolutionary website that employs artificial intelligence to provide vision therapy.

It specializes in addressing three common eye problems: Amblyopia, Squint eye, and Convergence Insufficiency.

Company Valuation₹5 Crore
Equity Asked₹40 Lakhs for 5% Equity
Deal ClosedYes
Final Shark Tank Deal₹50 Lakhs for 10% Equity
Target City/Country-INDIA
Product/ServicesAI-based Vision Therapy Software

About the Product;- The world’s first artificial intelligence-based vision therapy website which focuses on 3 problems of the human eye.

Users can access the website’s services by following these simple steps: undergo a free eye screening on the website, receive recommended vision therapy exercises, and expect to see positive results within one to two months of consistent use.


Amit, Puneet & Jatin asked for 40 Lakhs for 5% Equity but ended up closing the Deal at 50 Lakhs for 10 % Equity with Shark Peyush.

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