Design Template Shark Tank India Episode Review

Design Template Shark Tank India Episode Review

Website Information:

  • Website:- Design Template
  • SEO Improvement Needed
  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC:- 3,844 organic visitors per month

Design Template Founder:

  • Dadasaheb Bhagat is the founder of
  • Bhagat previously worked as an office boy at Infosys.
  • After a car accident, Bhagat left his job and began building his design libraries.
  • He established his first company, Ninthmotion, in the same year.
  • Ninthmotion provides services to clients worldwide, including BBC Studios and the 9XM music channel.
  • Bhagat also developed a website for online graphic design similar to Canva.
  • Shares an inspiring personal journey, starting from small jobs to reaching entrepreneurial success through sheer determination.
  • Emphasizes the merger of technology and design in the company’s operations.

Design Template Shark Tank India Episode

About the company:

  • Design Template is a company that provides pre-designed layouts for a wide range of design tasks.
  • The company’s founder, Dadasaheb Bhagat, appeared on Shark Tank India and successfully secured a Rs 1 crore deal with Shark Aman Gupta.
  • Design templates are premade designs aimed at facilitating the creation of eye-catching and stunning visuals quickly.
  • With DesignTemplate, users can choose from a variety of templates, ranging from free graphic design templates to business design templates.
  • These templates cover different design styles, including business, graphic, and downloadable designs.
  • The primary function of a design template is to offer a pre-designed framework for creating standout designs.
  • Access to various template options such as business design templates, PDF design templates, free layout design templates, free creative design templates, visual design templates, and free document design templates is provided.
  • It specializes in premium motion graphics templates, illustrations, and music.
  • Users have the flexibility to create their templates on the website, tailored to their preferences, within a few hours.

Founder’s Pitch:

  • The founder begins the pitch with some tension but ends impressively.
  • Requests Rs 1 Crore for a 2.5% equity stake in the company.

Shark Tank India Episode AIR Date:

  • Episode 36, 11 March 2024

Company’s Evolution:

  • Initially focused on developing graphics software.
  • Pivoted to DesignTemplate to prioritize revenue generation.

Product Demonstration:

  • Conducts a demo showcasing the platform’s products, impressing the Sharks.

Revenue Discussion:

  • Sharks express admiration for the company’s revenue figures.
  • Discussion highlights the company’s unique selling proposition (USP) being its design offerings.

Marketing Strategy:

  • Sharks caution against heavy investment in marketing, suggesting that the design itself is a strong selling point.
  • Founder defends the decision not to invest heavily in marketplaces for long-term sustainability.

Technology Concerns:

  • Sharks express doubts about the longevity of the company’s technology-driven approach, suggesting that AI could eventually replicate its offerings.

Investment Offers:

  • Sharks Peyush and Aman make individual offers.
  • Founder accepts Aman’s offer of Rs 1 Crore for a 10% equity stake in the company.

Design Template Shark Tank India Review Website Data

WebsitePlatformNeeds SEO Improvement
Organic Traffic3,844 visitors per month
FounderNameDadasaheb Bhagat
BackgroundSelf-made entrepreneur
Previous ExperienceInfosys
Current CompanyNinthmotion (design services)
About the CompanyDescriptionProvides pre-designed layouts (templates) for graphic design tasks
Shark Tank IndiaFeatured on Season 3, secured investment
Product OfferingLibrary of pre-made design templates (free & premium)
Design CategoriesGraphic design, Business design, Motion graphics, Illustrations, Music
USPStreamlines design creation with pre-designed frameworks
User CustomizationOption to personalize templates or create custom ones
Target AudienceProfessionals & beginners
Business Potential (India)Market Size₹7.3 trillion (USD 91.2 billion) by 2024 (Source: ASSOCHAM India)
Growth DriverIncreased digital marketing & social media presence
TAM EstimateTarget AudienceProfessionals & beginners
Market Size (Design Industry)India
Ideal Target AudienceDemographicsIndividuals & businesses across India
*Graphic designers (freelancers, agencies)
*Marketing professionals
*Social media managers
*SMBs lacking in-house design resources
Marketing Strategy (Content & Digital)
*Content Marketing
*Social Media Marketing
*SEO Improvement
*Community Outreach
Distribution Strategy
*Direct Sales
*Marketplace Expansion
*Strategic Collaborations
*Technology Disruption
*Freemium Model
Reasons for Success
*Market Need
*Value Proposition
*User Experience
Mitigation Strategies
*Continuous Innovation
*Community Building
*Premium Value Proposition
Future RoadmapStrategies
*Increase Valuation
*Mobile App Development
*Data Analytics Integration
*Subscription Model Optimization

DesignTemplate: Revolutionizing Design Creation with Ready-Made Tools

Design Template Shark Tank India Episode Review

About the Company:

  • provides pre-designed layouts and templates for various graphic design tasks.
  • Featured on Shark Tank India Season 3, securing a deal with Shark Aman Gupta.
  • Offers a library of pre-made designs (templates) to create stunning visuals quickly and easily.
  • Caters to a broad audience with free and premium options for:
    • Graphic design
    • Business design
    • Motion graphics
    • Illustrations
    • Music


  • Streamlines design creation with pre-designed frameworks.
  • Users can personalize templates or create custom ones.
  • Offers a user-friendly platform accessible to both professionals and beginners.

Business Potential in India:

  • Growing Design Industry: The Indian design industry is expected to reach ₹7.3 trillion (USD 91.2 billion) by 2024 (Source: ASSOCHAM India).
  • Rising Demand for Design Tools: Increased digital marketing activities and social media presence drive the need for design solutions.

Total Addressable Market (TAM):

  • Considering India’s design industry growth and DesignTemplate’s target audience (both professionals and beginners), a TAM estimate could be ₹2,000 crore (USD 25.3 billion).

Ideal Target Audience:

  • Demographics: Individuals and businesses across India, with a focus on:
    • Graphic designers (freelancers, agencies)
    • Marketing professionals
    • Social media managers
    • Small and medium businesses (SMBs) lacking in-house design resources
  • Psychographics: Value efficiency, creativity, and ease of use. Look for affordable design solutions to enhance their visual communication.

Marketing Strategy (Content & Digital):

  • Content Marketing: Create blog posts and tutorials showcasing template usage, design trends, and customer success stories.
  • Social Media Marketing: Build a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Behance with visually appealing content featuring template applications.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improve website ranking through keyword research and content optimization to attract organic traffic (current: 3,844 visitors/month).
  • Freelancer & Design Community Outreach: Partner with freelance platforms and design communities to reach potential users.

Distribution Strategy:

  • Direct Sales: Focus on promoting premium templates and subscriptions through the website.
  • Marketplace Expansion: Explore partnerships with established design marketplaces like Envato Elements for wider reach.
  • Strategic Collaborations: Partner with design influencers and educators to promote DesignTemplate and its benefits.


  • Competition: Established design software companies and online design tools.
  • Technology Disruption: Advancements in AI-powered design tools could potentially replicate their offerings.
  • Freemium Model: Balancing free and premium content to generate sustainable revenue.

Reasons for Success:

  • Addresses Market Need: Provides user-friendly and cost-effective design solutions.
  • Strong Value Proposition: Offers a diverse library of templates for various design needs.
  • Focus on User Experience: Intuitive platform that caters to both professionals and beginners.

Mitigation Strategies:

  • Continuous Innovation: Regularly update template libraries and integrate new design trends and technologies.
  • Community Building: Foster a strong user community through forums and online events to gather feedback and build brand loyalty.
  • Premium Value Proposition: Focus on the exclusive benefits of premium templates and subscriptions (e.g., higher quality, extended licenses).

Future Roadmap:

  • Increase Valuation: Focus on brand awareness campaigns, expand distribution channels, and explore new product lines (e.g., stock photos, video templates).
  • Mobile App Development: Develop a mobile app for on-the-go design creation and template access.
  • Data Analytics Integration: Leverage website and user data to personalize template recommendations and content delivery.
  • Subscription Model Optimization: Analyze user behavior and preferences to refine subscription offerings and pricing.

By implementing this comprehensive plan, can capitalize on its unique platform, Shark Tank India success, and Dadasaheb Bhagat’s inspiring story. By staying ahead of the curve and focusing on user needs, can become a leading player in the ever-evolving design software market.

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