Decode Age Shark Tank India Episode Review

Decode Age Business from Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 14

  1. Decode Age Shark Tank India Episode Business Overview:
    • Decode Age is a longevity-focused company that presents solutions based on the understanding of medical science data to slow down and reverse biological aging.
    • The company offers a range of supplement products designed for various health needs.
  2. Decode Age Founders:
    • Parth Amin, Darshit Patel, and Rakesh Somani are the founders.
    • Parth Amin has a background in network engineering and is also a founder of Wowl Cloud Ops LLP and City Broadband.
    • Darshit Patel has educational qualifications in drug design, biomedical science, and chemistry.
    • Rakesh Somani has studied business administration and management at various universities globally and was a director at Sumicot Limited before Decode Age.
  3. Product and Approach:
    • The product range is presented with a P4 approach – Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory.
    • Their solutions aim to slow down and potentially reverse aging using various testing protocols and personalized supplement nutrient combinations.
  4. Business Statistics:
    • Launched on March 23, the business has acquired 20,000 customers.
    • The product range includes 10 SKUs.
    • Started with an initial investment of ₹1 crore.
    • The global market size for NMN (a key component) is $500 million.
    • Decode Age offers a testing service priced at ₹20,000 to determine biological age.
  5. Financials:
    • Current annual revenue run rate is ₹11 crore.
    • Monthly burn is between ₹8-9 lakh.
    • Raised ₹1.13 crore on October 22 at a valuation of ₹60 crore.
  6. Equity Structure:
    • Only 1.9% equity dilution so far, with the remaining equity split among the three founders.
  7. Shark Tank Pitch and Deal:
    • Decode Age pitched for ₹1 crore for 1.25% equity but secured a deal of ₹1 crore for 2.25% equity and 1% royalty until ₹1.5 crore is recouped, valuing the company at ₹44.44 crore.
    • Anupam Mittal was the investing shark.
  8. Sharks’ Concerns and Feedback:
    • Concerns were raised about measuring biological age and the efficacy of supplements.
    • Sharks emphasized the need for validation and building trust in the market.
    • The unique challenges of the Indian market and the necessity for market entry strategy adjustments were highlighted.
  9. Conclusion:
    • Decode Age, with its unique approach to addressing aging concerns, successfully secured a deal in Shark Tank India Season 3, Episode 14.
    • The founders showcased a blend of medical and business expertise in presenting their innovative solutions.
  10. Post-Shark Tank Insights:
    • The deal with Anupam Mittal involves ₹1 crore for 2.25% equity and a 1% royalty until ₹1.5 crore is recouped.
    • The Shark Tank episode aired on February 8, 2024.
  11. Website and Marketing:
    • The website, built on Shopify, actively engages in SEO, competing for over 2000 keywords, attracting more than 3000 monthly visitors.
Decode Age Shark Tank India Episode Digital Data
  1. Decode Age Vision:
    • Decode Age envisions providing solutions by understanding medical science data to enhance people’s health and slow down the aging process.
  2. Language and Localization:
    • The business pitch was presented in Hindi, reflecting a localized approach for the Indian audience.
  3. Future Challenges and Opportunities:
    • The business model may undergo significant changes in the next 10 years.
    • Challenges include potential market entry issues and concerns about product pricing and trust-building.
  4. Impact of Business Investment on Longevity Science:
    • The discussion delves into the potential impact of business investments on longevity science, exploring the effects of a new business model after a decade.
  5. Business Model Evolution:
    • The Shark Tank judges express the need for adjustments in the business model to adapt to changing market conditions over the next decade.
  6. Validation and Market Trust:
    • The Sharks emphasize the importance of validation, especially in a market where similar supplements are gaining acceptance, and the challenge lies in building trust among consumers.
  7. NMN Ban and Market Dynamics:
    • The ban on NMN in some global markets is acknowledged, but Decode Age founders express confidence in the Indian market’s acceptance of their diverse solutions.
  8. Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode Information:
    • Episode 14 of Shark Tank India Season 3 featuring Decode Age aired on February 8, 2024.
  9. Request for Comments:
    • The audience is encouraged to share thoughts on any other business product addressing age-related concerns and to comment on the diverse business opportunities and challenges presented in Shark Tank India Season 3.

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