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Elitty Beauty Shark Tank India Episode Review

Elitty Beauty: Navigating Teenage Makeup with Entrepreneurial Flair

  1. Overview:
    • Elitty Beauty, a Shopify-based platform, boasts over 1000 organic visitors with a compact set of 230 contesting keywords.
    • The brand envisions providing youth-friendly beauty products with meticulous detailing, particularly in the realm of teenage makeup.
  2. Founders:
    • Vailina Tulsani:
      • Over 8 years of experience as a Management Consultant.
      • Background includes renowned companies like McKinsey & Company, Deloitte Consulting, and Boston Analytics.
      • Holds a BTech in Textile Technology from IIT Delhi and an MBA from the Indian School of Business (ISB).
    • Pranali Janbandhu:
      • Holds a BTech in Electronics and Telecommunication from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere.
      • MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.
      • Holds extensive experience in cosmetic, makeup, and beauty businesses.
  3. Shark Tank Pitch:
    • Appeared on Shark Tank India Season 3, Episode 11.
    • Sought ₹1 crore for a 4% equity stake.
    • Despite financial challenges, the founders showcased resilience and adaptability in their business model.
  4. Financial Snapshot:
    • Elitty Beauty has experienced substantial growth:
      • FY 22-23: ₹49 lakhs
      • FY 23-24 (Till Oct): ₹1.13 crores
      • Projected FY 23-24: ₹2 crores
    • Raised a total of ₹5.3 crores across two funding rounds with a valuation of ₹23.2 crores.
  5. Challenges and Adjustments:
    • Despite losses (EBITDA: -₹10 lakhs), the founders showcased adaptability.
    • Shifted focus from the website to other marketplaces and adjusted their business model for faster returns.
  6. Post-Shark Tank:
    • Despite not securing a deal, the exposure from Shark Tank can be leveraged for potential investors or partnerships.
    • Continuous adjustments in the business model have shown positive changes in financial reports.
  7. Recommendations:
    • Product Diversification: Expand the product range or introduce complementary products to reach a broader audience.
    • Financial Optimization: Develop strategies to improve EBITDA and overall profitability for long-term sustainability.
    • Marketing Strategies: Leverage the significant Instagram following for effective marketing. Consider collaborations and influencer partnerships.
    • Market Expansion: Explore opportunities for expansion into new markets or demographics, including international markets.
    • Operational Efficiency: Optimize operations and logistics to handle increasing order volumes efficiently.
    • Investor Relations: Maintain strong relationships with existing investors and explore potential strategic partnerships.
    • Customer Engagement: Focus on building a strong community around the brand through various engagement strategies.
    • Post-Shark Tank Strategy: Capitalize on the gained visibility to attract potential investors or partnerships outside the show.
  8. Conclusion:
    • Elitty Beauty, despite the financial challenges, has showcased adaptability and resilience.
    • Strategic adjustments in the business model and leveraging the Shark Tank exposure can contribute to sustained growth in the competitive beauty industry.

Elitty Beauty Shark Tank India website digital data

  1. Business Plan for Elitty Beauty: Revolutionizing Youth-Friendly Beauty
  2. Introduction: Elitty Beauty stands at the forefront of providing youth-friendly beauty products, addressing the unique needs and preferences of teenagers in the makeup industry. This business plan outlines Elitty Beauty’s vision to offer meticulously crafted beauty solutions tailored for the teenage demographic.
  3. 1. Business Potential in India:
  4. Expanding Teenage Makeup Market: A rising trend among teenagers to explore and adopt makeup as a form of self-expression.
  5. Youth-Centric Beauty Industry: An untapped market for beauty products specifically designed for teenagers.
  6. 2. Total Addressable Market:
  7. Teenagers: Targeting the teenage demographic aged 13-19 with a focus on inclusive products suitable for various skin types and tones.
  8. Educational Institutions: Establishing partnerships with schools and colleges to promote Elitty Beauty as the go-to brand for youth-friendly makeup.
  9. 3. Ideal Target Audience and Demographics:
  10. Teenagers Exploring Makeup: Catering to teenagers who are beginning their journey into the world of beauty and makeup.
  11. Parents and Guardians: Assuring them of the safety and appropriateness of Elitty Beauty products for their teenagers.
  12. 4. Marketing Strategy:
  13. Influencer Collaborations: Partnering with popular teenage influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to showcase Elitty Beauty products.
  14. Digital Campaigns: Launching engaging digital campaigns that resonate with the teenage audience, emphasizing the brand’s youth-centric approach.
  15. 5. Content and Digital Marketing Strategy:
  16. Tutorial Videos: Creating easy-to-follow makeup tutorial videos for teenagers, showcasing the versatility and age-appropriateness of Elitty Beauty products.
  17. User-Generated Content: Encouraging customers to share their makeup experiences with Elitty Beauty through user-generated content on social media.
  18. 6. Distribution Strategy:
  19. Online Platforms: Establishing a strong online presence through e-commerce platforms to make Elitty Beauty easily accessible to teenagers across the country.
  20. Retail Partnerships: Collaborating with retail chains that resonate with the teenage demographic, ensuring physical availability in popular shopping destinations.
  21. 7. Advantages:
  22. Youth-Centric Approach: Elitty Beauty’s commitment to understanding and addressing the specific needs and preferences of teenagers sets it apart in the market.
  23. Quality and Safety: Ensuring that all products are dermatologically tested and meet safety standards suitable for teenage skin.
  24. 8. Challenges:
  25. Parental Approval: Overcoming skepticism among parents regarding the appropriateness and safety of makeup products for their teenagers.
  26. Competition: Navigating a competitive market by emphasizing the unique selling points and advantages of Elitty Beauty.
  27. 9. Reasons for Success:
  28. Product Innovation: Regularly introducing new and trendy products aligned with teenage beauty trends.
  29. Educational Initiatives: Conducting workshops and webinars in educational institutions to educate teenagers about safe and age-appropriate makeup practices.
  30. 10. Mitigation Strategies:
  31. Parental Education Campaigns: Launching campaigns directed towards parents, emphasizing the safety and educational aspects of Elitty Beauty products.
  32. Collaborative Initiatives: Partnering with schools and colleges to organize informative sessions on teenage makeup and skincare.
  33. 11. Future Business:
  34. Product Diversification: Expanding the product range to include skincare products specifically designed for teenage skin.
  35. Global Expansion: Exploring opportunities to enter international markets with a focus on regions with a growing interest in teenage makeup.
  36. 12. Roadmap to Increase Valuation:
  37. Celebrity Collaborations: Associating with teenage celebrities or influencers to elevate brand visibility and credibility.
  38. Sustainability Initiatives: Incorporating sustainable packaging and ethical practices to appeal to environmentally conscious teenagers.
  39. Elitty Beauty’s commitment to providing youth-friendly beauty products positions it as a trailblazer in the teenage makeup industry. With a focus on innovation, safety, and education, Elitty Beauty is poised for significant growth, becoming the preferred choice for teenagers exploring the world of makeup.

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