Top 100 Startups Till 2023 in India

In recent years, India has emerged as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, giving rise to numerous successful startups. These startups have not only disrupted traditional industries but have also created a strong brand presence in the market. In this article, we will explore the top 100 startup brands in India that have made a significant impact in their respective sectors.

India’s startup ecosystem has witnessed remarkable growth over the years, fueled by a combination of factors such as increased internet penetration, favorable government policies, and a talented pool of entrepreneurs. 

The startups featured in this article have not only achieved financial success but have also gained recognition for their innovative solutions and customer-centric approach.

E-commerce Startups

Here are a few Top E-commerce Startups Brands in India.

  • Flipkart: One of the pioneers of e-commerce in India, Flipkart offers a wide range of products across categories, including electronics, fashion, and home appliances.

  • Amazon India: The Indian arm of the global e-commerce giant, Amazon India, has become a household name, providing customers with a vast selection of products and a seamless shopping experience.

  • Myntra: Known for its focus on fashion and lifestyle, Myntra has revolutionized online shopping for clothing, accessories, and footwear.

  • Nykaa: Nykaa has disrupted the beauty and personal care industry by offering a wide range of cosmetic products and providing a platform for emerging beauty brands.

  • BigBasket: As India’s largest online grocery store, BigBasket has transformed the way people shop for groceries by delivering fresh produce and household essentials to their doorstep.

Architecture and Construction Startups

Here are some of the top Architecture and Construction Startups Brands In India :

  • Livspace: Livspace is a leading interior design and home renovation platform that offers end-to-end solutions for homeowners. It connects customers with interior designers, provides personalized designs, facilitates material procurement, and manages project execution.

  • Homelane: Homelane is an online platform that specializes in modular furniture and interior design services. It offers customized modular kitchen solutions, wardrobes, entertainment units, and more, combining aesthetics, functionality, and efficient space utilization.

  • Pepperfry: While primarily an online furniture and home decor marketplace, Pepperfry also offers interior design services through its subsidiary, Studio Pepperfry. It provides personalized design consultations, furniture customization, and project management services.

  • Foyr: Foyr is a technology-driven interior design platform that utilizes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to help customers visualize their designs. It offers 3D walkthroughs, interactive design tools, and a vast library of furniture and decor options.

  • Homify: Homify is an online platform that connects homeowners with interior designers, architects, and contractors. It offers design inspiration, connects users with professionals, and provides a forum for design discussions and sharing ideas.

  • Slicepay: Slicepay is a startup that focuses on furniture and appliance rentals for students and young professionals. It offers flexible rental plans, doorstep delivery, and hassle-free installations, making it easier for individuals to furnish their homes without the burden of ownership.

  • Flipspaces: Flipspaces is a technology-enabled interior design and build firm that specializes in commercial spaces. It offers solutions for office interiors, retail spaces, hospitality, and more. With its design expertise and efficient project management, Flipspaces caters to the unique needs of businesses.

  • Design Cafe: Design Cafe is an interior design and home decor startup that provides end-to-end design solutions for homes. It offers personalized design consultations, project management services, and an extensive catalog of furniture and decor products.

  • HomeLane: HomeLane is an online interior design platform that focuses on modular home solutions. It offers personalized design consultations, 3D visualizations, and turnkey execution of interior projects, specializing in modular kitchens, wardrobes, and other home fittings.

  • Houzify: Houzify is an online platform that serves as a design and decor inspiration hub. It showcases curated design ideas, connects users with professionals, and provides access to a wide range of home decor products.

These startups are transforming the interior design industry in India by leveraging technology, offering personalized experiences, and providing end-to-end solutions. They cater to the evolving needs of customers, making interior design more accessible, convenient, and innovative.

Fintech Startups

Here are a few Top Fintech Startups Brands in India.

  • Paytm: Paytm started as a digital wallet and has evolved into a full-fledged fintech platform, offering services such as mobile payments, banking, and digital lending.

  • PhonePe: PhonePe has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and seamless transactions, making it one of the leading digital payment platforms in India.

  • Zerodha: Zerodha has disrupted the traditional brokerage industry by introducing a low-cost online trading platform, enabling retail investors to trade in stocks and commodities.

  • PolicyBazaar: PolicyBazaar has made buying insurance policies hassle-free by providing a comparison platform for various insurance products, empowering customers to make informed decisions.

  • Razorpay: Razorpay offers payment solutions for businesses, including payment gateway integration, subscription billing, and instant fund settlements.

HealthTech Startups

Here are a few Top HealthTech Startups Brands in India.

  • Practo: Practo has revolutionized the healthcare industry by providing an online platform to book doctor appointments, order medicines, and access healthcare records.

  • PharmEasy: PharmEasy offers online medicine delivery services, making it convenient for customers to order medicines and healthcare products from the comfort of their homes.

  • 1mg: With a focus on providing comprehensive healthcare information and services, 1mg has become a trusted platform for online doctor consultations, lab tests, and medicine orders.

  • offers a holistic approach to health and wellness, combining physical fitness, mental well-being, and healthy food options under one platform.

  • Portea Medical: Portea Medical provides home healthcare services, bringing professional medical care to patients’ homes, especially for those with chronic illnesses or postoperative care needs.

EdTech Startups

Here are a few Top EdTech Startups Brands in India.

  • BYJU’S: BYJU’S is a prominent ed-tech startup that offers online learning programs for students from kindergarten to post-graduation, covering a wide range of subjects.

  • Unacademy: Unacademy has democratized education by providing online courses and live classes conducted by educators across various domains, helping students prepare for competitive exams.

  • upGrad: upGrad focuses on upskilling and professional education, offering online courses in collaboration with top universities and industry experts.

  • Vedantu: Vedantu provides live online tutoring for students, personalized to their learning needs, making education accessible beyond geographical constraints.

  • Toppr: Toppr offers a comprehensive learning platform with adaptive practice, mock tests, and personalized feedback to help students excel in their academic journey.

FoodTech Startups

Here are a few Top FoodTech Startups Brands in India.

  • Zomato: Zomato is a leading food delivery platform that connects customers with restaurants, offering a wide range of cuisines and convenient doorstep delivery.

  • Swiggy: Swiggy has gained popularity as an on-demand food delivery platform, providing customers with a vast selection of restaurants and quick delivery options.

  • FreshMenu: FreshMenu offers a curated menu of chef-prepared meals and delivers them to customers’ homes or offices, emphasizing quality and taste.

  • Faasos: Faasos is known for its quick-service restaurants and online food delivery, specializing in a variety of wraps, biryanis, and other Indian delicacies.

  • Box8: Box8 is a food delivery startup that focuses on providing wholesome and nutritious meals, including Indian and international cuisines, served in convenient packaging.

TravelTech Startups

Here are a few Top TravelTech Startups Brands in India.

  • MakeMyTrip: MakeMyTrip is a leading online travel agency, offering a one-stop platform for flight bookings, hotel reservations, and holiday packages.

  • Cleartrip: Cleartrip provides a seamless booking experience for flights, hotels, and activities, along with features such as fare alerts and calendar searches.

  • OYO: OYO has transformed the budget hotel industry by providing standardized and affordable accommodations across various cities in India and abroad.

  • Goibibo: Goibibo offers a comprehensive travel booking platform, including flights, hotels, buses, and holiday packages, along with loyalty programs for frequent travelers.

  • RedBus: RedBus is India’s largest online bus ticketing platform, allowing customers to book bus tickets, choose seats, and track their buses in real-time.

Logistics Startups

Here are a few Top Logistics Startups Brands in India.

  • Delhivery: Delhivery is a logistics and supply chain services company that offers reliable and efficient delivery solutions for e-commerce businesses.

  • Rivigo: Rivigo has introduced a unique relay trucking model, optimizing logistics operations and providing faster and cost-effective transportation solutions.

  • BlackBuck: BlackBuck is a technology-driven logistics marketplace, connecting shippers and truckers to streamline transportation and reduce inefficiencies.

  • Shadowfax: Shadowfax is a hyperlocal delivery startup that focuses on last-mile delivery for businesses, leveraging technology to ensure quick and reliable service.

  • Ecom Express: Ecom Express is a leading e-commerce logistics solution provider, offering end-to-end services such as fulfillment, warehousing, and reverse logistics.

Agritech Startups

Here are a few Top Agritech Startups Brands in India.

  • Ninjacart: Ninjacart is a B2B agritech startup that connects farmers with retailers and restaurants, ensuring the efficient supply of fresh produce.

  • DeHaat: DeHaat provides end-to-end agricultural solutions to farmers, including access to quality inputs, advisory services, and market linkage for their produce.

  • AgroStar: AgroStar offers a mobile platform for farmers to access agricultural inputs, crop advisory, and farm management tools, enhancing productivity and profitability.

  • Crofarm: Crofarm is a technology-enabled platform that facilitates farm-to-business sourcing of fresh produce, eliminating middlemen and ensuring fair prices for farmers.

  • FarmLink: FarmLink focuses on creating a sustainable agricultural ecosystem by connecting farmers directly with consumers and providing them with fair market access.

Social Impact Startups

Here are a few Top Social Impact Startups Brands in India.

  • Gramin Health Care: Gramin Health Care leverages telemedicine and mobile health clinics to provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to rural communities.

  • Kheyti: Kheyti works towards empowering smallholder farmers through its greenhouse solutions, helping them increase their crop yield and income.

  • Svadha: Svadha focuses on menstrual hygiene and women’s health, providing eco-friendly sanitary products and awareness programs in rural and underserved areas.

  • BetterPlace: BetterPlace offers a technology platform for blue-collar workers, facilitating background verification, skills training, and job opportunities.

  • Sampurn(e)arth: Sampurn(e)arth is a waste management startup that promotes sustainable waste disposal practices and recycling solutions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startups

Here are a few Top Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startups Brands in India.

  • Freshworks: Freshworks offers a suite of customer engagement software powered by AI, helping businesses enhance their customer support, sales, and marketing processes.

  • InMobi: InMobi is a global mobile advertising platform that utilizes AI algorithms to deliver personalized ads and insights to advertisers and publishers.

  • Niramai: Niramai develops AI-based software for early breast cancer detection, providing a non-invasive and radiation-free screening solution.

  • Uniphore: Uniphore specializes in Conversational Service Automation (CSA) using AI and machine learning, enabling businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences through voice and chat-based interactions.

  • Sigtuple: Sigtuple harnesses AI and computer vision to provide automated diagnostic solutions, improving accuracy and efficiency in medical diagnostics.

Clean Energy Startups

Here are a few of the Top Clean Energy Startups Brands in India.

  • Ola Electric: Ola Electric focuses on electric mobility solutions, including electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and battery-swapping stations, to accelerate the adoption of clean transportation.

  • Ather Energy: Ather Energy is an electric vehicle manufacturer known for its smart electric scooters with advanced features, including intelligent navigation and OTA updates.

  • Nocca Robotics: Nocca Robotics develops autonomous robots for cleaning solar panels, optimizing energy production by maintaining panel efficiency.

  • Reinvent: Reinvent specializes in renewable energy solutions, offering innovative products such as solar-powered water heaters and energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

  • Freight Tiger: Freight Tiger is a technology platform that optimizes logistics for the renewable energy sector, ensuring efficient transportation and supply chain management.

Fashion and Lifestyle Startups

Here are a few of the Top Fashion and Lifestyle Startups Brands in India.

  • Limeroad: Limeroad is a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform that offers a curated collection of apparel, accessories, and home decor, focusing on personalized recommendations.

  • Voonik: Voonik is an online fashion marketplace that caters to the fashion needs of women, providing a wide range of clothing, accessories, and beauty products.

  • Bewakoof: Bewakoof is a youth-centric fashion brand known for its quirky and trendy apparel, including graphic t-shirts, joggers, and mobile covers.

  • Mamaearth: Mamaearth is a skincare and baby care brand that offers natural and toxin-free products for mothers and babies, prioritizing safety and sustainability.

  • Candere: Candere is an online jewelry store that specializes in diamond and gold jewelry, offering a wide range of designs and customization options.

Real Estate and Proptech Startups

Here are a few of the Top Real Estate and Proptech Startups Brands in India.

  • NoBroker: NoBroker is a disruptive real estate platform that connects property owners directly with potential tenants or buyers, eliminating the need for brokers.

  • is an online real estate marketplace that simplifies the process of buying, selling, and renting properties through innovative technology solutions.

  • Magicbricks: Magicbricks is one of India’s leading property portals, offering a comprehensive platform for property listings, research, and property-related services.

  • Square Yards: Square Yards is a global real estate aggregator that provides a wide range of property options and investment opportunities to buyers and investors.

  • NestAway: NestAway is a home rental platform that offers fully furnished and managed rental accommodations, catering to the needs of young professionals and students.

Gaming and Entertainment Startups

Here are a few of the Top Gaming and Entertainment Startups Brands in India.

  • Dream11: Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform that allows users to create virtual teams and compete in various sports leagues to win cash prizes.

  • RummyCircle: RummyCircle is an online rummy platform that offers a secure and engaging gaming experience, hosting multiplayer rummy games and tournaments.

  • Nazara Technologies: Nazara Technologies is a leading mobile gaming company that develops and publishes a wide range of games catering to different genres and demographics.

  • BookMyShow: BookMyShow is India’s largest online ticketing platform for movies, events, and live entertainment, offering a convenient booking experience.

  • MX Player: MX Player is a popular video streaming platform that offers a diverse range of movies, TV shows, web series, and original content in multiple languages.

Food and Beverage Startups

Here are a few Top Food and Beverage Startups Brands in India.

  • Chaayos: Chaayos is a popular tea café chain that offers a variety of tea-based beverages and snacks, combining traditional flavors with modern customization options.

  • Sleepy Owl: Sleepy Owl is a coffee brand that specializes in cold brew coffee, providing ready-to-drink bottled coffees that are smooth, refreshing, and convenient.

  • Boheco: Boheco is a hemp-based foods and wellness brand that promotes the consumption of nutritious hemp seeds and other hemp-derived products.

  • Epigamia: Epigamia is a Greek yogurt brand that offers a range of flavored yogurts and yogurt-based products, focusing on taste, health, and convenience.

  • Raw Pressery: Raw Pressery is a cold-pressed juice brand that offers a wide range of nutrient-rich juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Social Media and Communication Startups

Here are a few Top Social Media and Communication Startups Brands in India.

  • ShareChat: ShareChat is a regional social media platform that allows users to create and share content in various Indian languages, catering to diverse communities.

  • Hike: Hike is a messaging app with innovative features such as stickers, themes, and hidden chats, providing a personalized and expressive communication experience.

  • Chingari: Chingari is a short video-sharing app that gained popularity as an Indian alternative to TikTok, allowing users to create and discover entertaining videos.

  • Vokal: Vokal is a knowledge-sharing platform that enables users to ask questions and receive answers from experts across various domains in regional languages.

  • Koo: Koo is a microblogging platform that focuses on providing users with a space to express themselves in regional languages, fostering inclusive social media interactions.

Cybersecurity Startups

Here are a few Top Cybersecurity Startups Brands in India.

  • Quick Heal: Quick Heal Technologies is a cybersecurity company that provides antivirus and internet security solutions to protect devices and networks from threats.

  • TAC Security: TAC Security offers cybersecurity services such as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to help organizations identify and mitigate potential security risks.

  • Seqrite: Seqrite is a cybersecurity brand that offers a range of solutions, including antivirus software, endpoint security, and network protection, for businesses and individuals.

  • Druva: Druva is a cloud data protection and management platform that helps organizations securely back up, recover, and govern their data across endpoints, cloud applications, and servers.

  • Lucideus: Lucideus specializes in cybersecurity services and solutions, focusing on securing digital assets and providing risk assessment and management for businesses.

CleanTech Startups

Here are a few Top CleanTech Startups Brands in India.

  • Ather Energy: Ather Energy is an electric vehicle manufacturer known for its smart electric scooters with advanced features, including intelligent navigation and OTA updates.

  • ZunRoof: ZunRoof provides rooftop solar solutions for homes and businesses, enabling them to generate clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Log 9 Materials: Log 9 Materials develops advanced energy storage solutions, including graphene-based batteries, for applications such as electric vehicles and renewable energy systems.

  • Ecolibrium Energy: Ecolibrium Energy offers energy management solutions that leverage data analytics and IoT technology to optimize energy consumption and reduce wastage.

  • Cleantech Solar: Cleantech Solar is a solar energy solutions provider that offers customized solar power systems and long-term operation and maintenance services for businesses.

Travel and Hospitality Startups

Here are a few Top Travel and Hospitality Startups Brands in India.

  • OYO: OYO is a hospitality chain that offers budget accommodation options and standardized hotel rooms across multiple cities in India and worldwide.

  • MakeMyTrip: MakeMyTrip is an online travel company that provides travel booking services, including flights, hotels, and holiday packages.

  • Goibibo: Goibibo is a travel aggregator platform that enables users to book flights, hotels, buses, and other travel-related services.

  • Treebo: Treebo is a hotel chain that offers affordable and quality accommodation with standardized amenities and a seamless booking experience.

  • Cleartrip: Cleartrip is an online travel agency that allows users to book flights, hotels, and other travel services, emphasizing ease of use and transparency.

AI-Powered Customer Support Startups

Here are a few Top AI- Powered Startups Brands in India.

  • Freshdesk: Freshdesk is a customer support software that helps businesses provide efficient and personalized customer service through ticket management and automation.

  • Zendesk: Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that offers a range of tools for managing customer interactions and support tickets.

  • Helpshift: Helpshift is a customer support platform that leverages AI and automation to provide seamless and proactive support across multiple channels.

  • Gladly: Gladly is a customer service platform that enables businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences by unifying customer interactions from various channels.

  • Ada Support: Ada Support is a chatbot platform that uses AI and natural language processing to provide automated customer support and assist in resolving queries.

Sustainability and Green-Tech Startups

Here are a few Top Sustainability and Green-Tech Startups Brands in India.

  • Ecozen Solutions: Ecozen Solutions provides energy-efficient and technology-driven solutions for agriculture, including solar-powered cold storage and irrigation systems.

  • Carbon Clean Solutions: Carbon Clean Solutions specializes in carbon capture and utilization technologies, helping industries reduce their carbon emissions.

  • Chakr Innovation: Chakr Innovation develops emission control devices that capture and convert harmful emissions from diesel generators into usable inks and pigments.

  • Waste Ventures India: Waste Ventures India is a waste management startup that focuses on sustainable waste disposal and recycling practices to reduce environmental impact.

  • Iora Ecological Solutions: Iora Ecological Solutions offers sustainable wastewater treatment systems and eco-friendly solutions for water management and conservation.

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