Mintree Shark Tank India Episode Review

Mintree Shark Tank India Episode Review : A Royal Touch to Beauty – Shark Tank India Episode Review

Mintree Shark Tank India Episode Review

Date: 25/Jan/2023 – Season 3

Mintree Shark Tank India Founder:

  • Kanika Diwanii from Nagpur

Mintree Shark Tank Business Overview:

  • Mintree, founded by Kanika Diwanii, aims to provide customers with a royal experience through its skincare and beauty products. The brand is already present in 3000 salons and intends to launch a direct-to-consumer (D2C) range.

Mintree Shark Tank India Episode Key Products:

  • Mintree’s unique products include a ‘bikini mask’ designed to soothe irritation and redness after waxing. The packaging is premium and comes with a delightful surprise for every customer.

Mintree Shark Tank India Financial Highlights:

  • The founder’s initial investment capital is 3 Cr, with parents holding 25% equity each, and Kanika owning 50%.
  • Mintree has shown steady growth in revenue and profit over the years:
    • 2019: Revenue – 1 crore, Profit – 2 lacs
    • 2020: Revenue – 3 crores, Profit – 28 lacs
    • 2021: Revenue – 3.5 crores, Profit – 4.5 lacs (affected by COVID)
    • 2022: Revenue – 5.5 crores, Profit – 28 lacs
    • 2023: Targeting 17.5 crores with 2 crores in profit
Mintree Shark Tank India Revenue

Mintree Shark Tank Offers:

  • Kanika seeks 90 lacs for 1% equity, valuing Mintree at 90 Cr.
  • Aman declines, citing the steep valuation and the unexplored D2C space.
  • Anupam and Vineeta offer 90 lacs for 3% equity at a 30 Cr valuation, with a 2% royalty on sales till they recoup 1.35 Cr.
  • Azhar Iqbal and Peeyush Bansal propose 3% equity for 90 lacs and 1% royalty till they recover 1.35 Cr.
  • Revised offers lead to a combined one from Anupam and Vineeta for 90 lacs at 2% equity and a 45 Cr valuation.
  • Another revised offer comes from Azhar Iqbal and Peeyush Bansal, offering 90 lacs for 1.5% equity at a 60 Cr valuation.
  • Kanika accepts the latter offer at the 60 Cr valuation.

Mintree Shark Tank India Episode Insights:

  • The Sharks appreciate the entrepreneur but express concerns about the valuation and the D2C market.
  • Kanika’s royal beauty concept intrigues the Sharks, leading to a negotiated deal with Azhar Iqbal and Peeyush Bansal.
Mintree Shark Tank India funding and valuation

Mintree Website:

Founder’s LinkedIn:


  • The Mintree website could benefit from increased online traffic through digital marketing strategies.

Mintree: Crafting Royalty in Skincare – A Shark Tank India Review

In an episode of Shark Tank India Season 3, Kanika Diwanii from Nagpur showcased her brand, Mintree, with a vision to offer customers a regal experience through premium skincare and beauty products.

Founder and Concept: Kanika, with a corporate background and a salary of 20 lakhs per annum, initiated Mintree with an initial investment of 3 crores from her parents. Each parent holds 25% equity, and Kanika has 50%. Mintree specializes in skincare and beauty products for salons, already making its mark in 3000 salons. The brand aims to extend its reach with a direct-to-consumer (D2C) range.

Mintree Shark Tank India founder kanika dewani

Unique Products and Business Model: Mintree’s standout product is the Bikini Mask, designed to soothe irritation and redness after waxing. The premium packaging adds to the allure, unfolding in front of customers to reveal a surprise gift. Mintree positions itself to charge salons a premium over standard products, enabling them to elevate service charges.

Financial Performance: Mintree’s financial trajectory reflects substantial growth:

  • 2019: Revenue – 1 crore, Profit – 2 lakhs
  • 2020: Revenue – 3 crores, Profit – 28 lakhs
  • 2021: Revenue – 3.5 crores, Profit – 4.5 lakhs (impacted by COVID)
  • 2022: Revenue – 5.5 crores, Profit – 28 lakhs
  • 2023: Revenue – 9 crores, Profit – 1 crore

The target for the current fiscal year is set at 17.5 crores with a profit of 2 crores.

Shark Tank Offers and Negotiations: Aman, though appreciative of the entrepreneur, declined, citing the unexplored nature of D2C and a high valuation of 90 crores.

Anupam and Vineeta jointly offered 90 lakhs for 2% equity at a revised valuation of 45 crores, with a 2% royalty on sales until they recoup 1.35 crores.

Iqbal Azhar and Peeyush Bansal proposed 90 lakhs for 3% equity and a 1% royalty until they recover 1.35 crores.

After a series of negotiations, Azhar and Peeyush revised their offer to 90 lakhs for 1.5% equity at a 60 crore valuation. Kanika accepted this offer, emphasizing that with a good entrepreneur, nothing is too expensive.

Insights and Recommendations: Mintree’s website ( currently lacks significant online traffic. To expedite the growth of the D2C brand, it is highly recommended to employ robust digital marketing strategies. Kanika’s journey with Mintree, now backed by the Sharks, is poised to elevate the brand to new heights in the skincare and beauty industry.

Business Overview: Mintree Skincare & Beauty

1. Vision and Founder:

  • Vision: Mintree, founded by Kanika Diwanii, aspires to offer customers a royal skincare and beauty experience.
  • Founder’s Commitment: Kanika Diwanii’s dedication to creating premium products for an exquisite beauty regimen.

2. Business Model:

  • Salon Presence: Already established in 3000 salons, showcasing initial success.
  • Expansion Plan: Introducing a direct-to-consumer (D2C) range to reach a broader audience.

3. Product Line:

  • Premium Skincare: Mintree specializes in premium skincare products for a luxurious experience.
  • Beauty Range: A diverse beauty product line catering to various beauty needs.

4. Market Positioning:

  • Royal Experience: Positioned as a brand providing customers with a royal and indulgent skincare journey.
  • Professional Endorsement: Trusted by salon professionals, reflecting the brand’s quality.

5. Distribution Channels:

  • Salons: Existing presence in 3000 salons ensures accessibility.
  • Direct-to-Consumer (D2C): Upcoming launch to facilitate direct sales and customer engagement.

6. Growth Strategy:

  • D2C Launch: Tapping into the direct consumer market for increased reach.
  • Innovation: Continuous product innovation to meet evolving beauty trends.
  • Strategic Alliances: Forming partnerships with influencers and beauty experts.

7. Challenges and Mitigation:

  • Market Saturation: Addressed by diversifying the product line and maintaining exclusivity.
  • Consumer Education: Launching effective marketing campaigns to educate consumers about the brand.
  • Competition: Staying ahead through innovation and emphasizing the royal experience.

8. Competitive Advantage:

  • Professional Validation: Endorsement by salon professionals enhances credibility.
  • Brand Loyalty: Building a loyal customer base through quality and indulgent experiences.

9. Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Launch:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Reaching consumers directly for increased accessibility.
  • Customer Engagement: Establishing a direct connection with consumers for feedback and loyalty.
  • E-commerce Platform: Utilizing online platforms to facilitate seamless D2C transactions.

10. Future Vision:

  • Global Expansion: Vision to expand beyond the domestic market.
  • Innovative Offerings: Introducing groundbreaking products and staying at the forefront of beauty trends.
  • Brand Recognition: Aspiring to become a globally recognized name in premium skincare and beauty.

Mintree, under the leadership of Kanika Diwanii, envisions providing customers with a royal beauty experience. The brand’s strategic presence in salons coupled with the upcoming D2C launch positions it for sustained growth and success in the competitive skincare and beauty industry.

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